Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Being creative makes me smile.........

This is one of the latest dolls that I have created.She is sitting on my nightstand right now. Every now and then when I catch a glance of her from the corner of my eye..... I just chuckle. I love how whimsical I stitched her face. Some times it's good to step back from what is thought of as the "norm" and just go with what your heart pushes for. Doing the face is one of the most creative aspects of doll making. You can say so much without ever uttering a word. Someone can glance at her face and know the mood I was in while she was created. Her hair going in all directions. So wild and free.Her small button eyes....two different sizes and yet still matched.Her nose created from X's.....which in my own way of thinking was maybe formed from kisses from my heart.
Hmmmmmm...... that whole thought when I just read it again.....jolted me. I just grabbed my sketchbook and drew a sample of .........well.........I am sure you will be seeing her soon!I was just can just never really tell when its going to happen! LOL

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