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Saturday, July 21, 2007

BTAE ~ A Featured eBay Group!!!

That's right!!!
Beneath the Attic Eaves( BTAE) is now a featured Ebay group on the new Prim Auctions website! I'm so excited!
I think this new website is going to be a wonderful business tool to help expand our Ebay group to others. We are all very excited to be taking part in this new adventure.
Make sure to check out our auctions! I am so excited about this new website that I'm creating a few special dolls to celebrate! Look for them soon!

Prim Auctions

Primmart has launched a wonderful new website and I could not be more excited to tell as many of you as possible all about it.
You know how sometimes you go to Ebay and are looking for something but have to wade thru a bunch of other things before you can even start looking.
Prim Auctions showcases an array of primitive auctions!!!!
You can use this new website in so many different ways depending on how you wish to shop.
The main page showcases a vast number of auctions that are happening right then.
You can even shop using different areas.....such as certian sellers as well as different Ebay groups.
Sections have also been set up to take you to auctions that are geared towards....... Ending Now or even just EPatterns. There is a section for you!
I am going to be using this website so much and think its going to really make me want to start listing more auctions on Ebay!
Go check it out and SIGN UP!
What a great way to gain more exposure for your Ebay group; your Ebay store or even just as a Seller! INCREDIBLE!

Believe~ A Simple Primitive Doll

You can find this simple primitive doll on my website right now!!!!!!!

An array of primitive dolls is there to greet you!

Air guitars....always in style, right???

This picture so makes me laugh and smile!!!!!
YUP.......I'm in touch with yet ANOTHER of my friends from when I went to ASB ( the school overseas)!!!
I found my best friend Danielle from back then too. Its been so surreal at how much we have in common still. We have been sending emails back and forth like every single day. She even installed MSN Messenger so we could chat on there. Its like the last 23 years hasn't even gone by. We have slipped right back into being the best of friends.
I could seriously not be happier right now with so many of my friends back.

Deborah Sponagle-Taylor

I met this amazing artist at the craft festival!!!

Every morning I'd be sitting at my booth and she would come down and talk with me. She loved my creations and was just such a kind soul. She put you to ease right away.

On Saturday, I walked around the show so that I could find her booth and take a peek at what she does. WOW! I was really blown away!!!!!

She is a painter that paints "maritime" scenes on pieces of old fishing ships and such. ITS INCREDIBLE! The details that she has in her work.....just capture you when you look at them. You can practically smell the salt air around you.

She has a website for you all to check out as well! So make sure you stop by and take a peek. Tell her that Thru the Attic Door sent ya over!!!

Lunenburg Craft Festival 2007

Once again I took part in this craft festival with my sister. All the venders were in one building this year instead of two. The crowds were there but not as many shoppers as many of us would have liked! LOL

We again had a mix of my dolls and critters. My sister did primitive stitchery signs, pillows and painted objects.

I did sell a nice number of things but it was my sister that did the best this time. She even managed to sell one of her painted milkcans and she was thrilled!

Lots of folks took my business card and even when I ran out of those.....I was still giving out scraps of paper with my info! Lots of folks should be checking out the website and this blog! LOL


Loving this Kitty Photo!!!

Buttons was watching the hummingbirds and the look on her face was too cute!!!
She "talks" to them the whole time they are flitting around the feeder.

Primmart has a new look!!!

Primmart has just come out with a brand new look for the website and community board. I am really loving what it looks like. The community has all sorts of wonderful new features and its been so much fun "playing" with them! LOL

If you haven't gone over to yet and joined the best community devoted to all things Primitive....... you need to ask yourself......


Thursday, July 19, 2007


We have 8 hummers at our place this year! You can see them thru the large picture window out back.....zipping back and forth. At least 2 of them are this years babies as they are MUCH smaller then the others. Poor Buttons Kitty is near insane from talking to them and watching them dart around the feeder! LOL

They have inspired me to do some sketches.....I haven't done anything like this in ages. Might have to make some tags for a doll to hold! LOL

Hannah at Sherbrooke Village

My niece Hannah and her fellow Girl Guides went to Sherbrooke Village for a weekend. They stayed there and got to dress up in the old fashioned clothes and be part of the community for the day. She had such a blast!

This picture was taken there and we all just love it!

My friends are not subtle!!! LOL

So this week, every time I talked to a friend, they would wish me a Happy Canada Day. I was confused each time they did it!LOL
Finally I was like.....what are you talking about? Canada Day was ages ago.

They laughed and said I KNOW!


So subtle!