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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paperclay Doll by Primkinfokes

WOW! My friend Sheila created this doll and when she showed me this picture......I was blown away! The face is hand sculpted using paperclay on muslin.
I have a package of Paperclay and still haven't been able to bring myself to open it and try this. I have taken sculpting classes but it still makes me nervous.
I'm going to have to swallow my fear and break open that package.
To take a closer look at this FANTASTIC doll by Sheila.....please go check her out on Ebay! She is going to be a wonderful addition to someones collection!

Fairy Pattern~ Back Porch Pickens

You all know I HAD to have this new pattern from Tonya right?LOL I had been thinking of fairies and telling stories to my nieces of their adventures.
I checked my email and there was a note from her saying she had a new pattern.....a FAIRY!
I can hardly wait to create her! I am going to rustle thru my fabric stash and find the most perfect match! I promise to share pictures VERY SOON!

Wee Fairy Folk

"Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,For I would ride with you upon the wind,Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,And dance upon the mountains like a flame."
~William Butler Yeats, "The Land of Heart's Desire," 1894

I have always loved the poetry of Yeats and this is a quote that always makes me smile. Maybe its the summer breeze that whips around me and whispers in my ear as it goes by...... but you can tell the Faye Folk are close.
Have you ever spread a quilt under the shade of an old oak tree and watched the clouds float above? Your arms folded under your head. The shadow of the leaves flitting across your face.
Catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye?
Maybe.....just wasn't a bird flying up high. Maybe a wee faye folk took a quick peek at you!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pieces of my Creativity

Basket of Fabric

When I go to Eric's place on weekends......sometimes I bring my sewing stuff with me to work on. I hated dragging my fabrics as it was all jammed in a big suitcase and it was always too much. When I was at the Primmart Convention in Kansas City MO, I got myself this basket! Its made by the Amish and its got a divider in the middle. Its a basket for holding magazines but as soon as Eric pointed it out to me...I knew what I'd be storing in it!

Makes bringing my craft with me much easier!

Sneak Peek

A quick glance of some new faces that will be appearing soon!!!!

All Dressed up


and of course I still love dressing him up! He doesn't care.....long as he gets treaties when its all over!

Fou Kitty!

I'm always getting asked about Fou kitty so I thought I'd post an updated picture of him. I took this last weekend while I was at Eric's place. He was sitting on the edge of the table purring....hoping he was going to get me to give him more treats while Eric was out of the room.

Viens t'amuser

ZPN video for "viens t'amuser"

je crois

ZPN video for "je crois"

Leo! and his music

Ok so if you've been reading my blog then you know that I'm back in touch with some old friends that I knew when I lived in Bucharest Romania. The emails have been flowing back and forth between us all. These guys have had me laughing so much. The things that they can remember from back then ... its just wild! LOL

We have also been doing alot of catching up on what each of us has been doing since we saw each other last. One of the guys that I'm in touch with again is my friend Leo.
My memories of him are fully connected to dancing and music.
Leo mentioned he was "still into some music" and sort of left things at that. Well come all know me better then that...... I went searching for more info! LOL

Well knock me over......... my boy has got some talent! LOL

He is part of "Afro Connexion" and you can find more out at the following link:

My friend Leo goes by the name " LB4Life". He's the hottie on the left! LOL
(The website is in French but there are lots of pics to see if you can't read french)

They recorded an album and went on to win "Best New Group" at the French Junos in Canada.
The group toured all over Ontario.
Then one of the members started solo and he goes by ZPN.

ZPN has released 2 albums with the band touring with him.
New album is being recorded now for Afro Connexion and Leo is also working on his own solo album. Its been awesome to see that he has really been doing great. I'm enjoying the music that I've been able to hear already. Leo is sending me their cds soon...... he's made me some promises so we'll have to see if he can keep them! LOL

There is much more but this is the condensed version. I write a blog not books! LOL
I'm going to showcase 2 videos next. Even if you can't understand the still talks to your soul. . You are going to find yourself singing outloud to the words you do catch and remember!

I look forward to hearing much more from Leo and his friends.

Painted Doll Eyes

Ever wonder how to do them? How to paint the eyes like you are seeing on so many of the primitive styled dolls right now?

You won't have to wonder much of the first tutorials I created for the Primmart Learning Center was on how to do them!!!!

There will be a step by step on hand painting doll eyes.

A step by step on hand drawn eyes with colored pencils.

And then a step by step on doing the 3d fabric eyelids as well!

Happy Birthday Eric!!!!


You always say I write about everything in my blog!


Special Surprises from Wales!

My dear friend Clare surprised me with a phone call all the way from Wales and then the next day....this wonderful surprise arrived on my doorstep!!!!!
She wanted to tell me CONGRATS on my new position at Primmart! How sweet is that?!
Clare...... your friendship blesses me! I'm so very proud to be a "tart" ! LOL

Leanne Aucoin!!

I have very talented friends! LOL

"A native of Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Leanne Aucoin began playing music at an early age. As a child, Leanne received lessons from wonderful teachers in her community and also attended the summer sessions at the Gaelic College in St. Ann's, Cape Breton. She is now an instructor at the college during the summer months teaching fiddle, Cape Breton piano accompaniment, and step dancing. She is currently teaching music lessons and is employed with the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board as a substitute music teacher. She continues to perform at various venues in Cape Breton and has also performed in other parts of the Maritimes, the US and Ireland. In late 2006, Leanne released her debut album, All Set, a traditional album featuring Tracey Dares MacNeil and Dave MacIsaac and also members of her family."

What a sweetheart she is! When Jesse told us she had put out a CD, I couldn't wait to get one! I love to put it in my cd player and listen to it while I sketch. The emotion that she can bring out with her music is spellbinding. I find myself escaping thru her music often.

Here is a link so that you too can have her fiddle sing to your soul!


Way to go Calvin!!!!
My good friend Calvin is now playing drums for The Mark Cameron Band. They have been playing all over Nova Scotia and we couldn't be prouder for Cal!

Creative Dept. Assistant on Primmart

YUP! WooooHoooooo

Primmart continues to create an amazing place in the world of Primitives and I now have become part of the staff! heehee I was sooooo excited!

" Creative Dept. Assistant: Cedera (Tracy) Dunn"
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn stumbled across the world of Primitives about 5 years ago now; wrapped herself in homespun; and has never looked back. Primmart rapidly became a second home to her and she couldn't be more blessed. She was asked to be a writer for Beneath the Willow Tree and that experience has been astounding.On her website, Tracy(Cedara) creates for you a collection of OOAK Primitive raggedy dolls and critters in grubby homespuns as well as vintage fabrics! Stained for a perfect prim look and feel! She also writes a primitive blog that has quickly gathered quite the following.She looks forward to her next adventure....... in making Primmart's Learning Center.... the ultimate place to discover Primitives; how to create them.....and so much more!"

My Texas Dolls

They have all arrived safe and sound to their new home in TEXAS! Christine saw one of my dolls on Ebay and contacted me about making her a bunch of gals. She was wonderful to do business with and beyond understanding when a few things caused a few bumps.
I enjoyed making these dolls for her:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stunned Silence and Sheer Sadness

I am still not quite grasping the whole situation and how it has really effected me. A wonderful young lady passed away. I have never met her. I have never met her family. Yet they all have so touched my heart and made my soul cry.
I faintly "knew" her mother as she is a fellow primitive artist and in this world, you sort of bump into each other the longer you are here. Her daughter became ill and she started writing a blog to let all know the progress. Another brought the story to my attention and I started reading and wanting to know all that I could about this wonderful young woman.
A few different times I posted on Primmart and other forums asking for strength and prayers for this amazing family during their struggle.

Please...... go and read her blog.
Let this amazing family touch your soul.
Let Brianna's Spirit lift you.

There are going to be some INCREDIBLE auctions created very soon in memory of this amazing young lady who was taken so early. Please make sure to go and bid on an angel!

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ok...... ME!

This is one of the most updated pics of me.....just a few months ago. I didn't want to wake in the morning to emails about only a picture from when I was 2! (I know you guys...... my mailbox would have been full!)
Not always a fan of having my picture taken. But somehow the quirky angle and maybe the purple streaks in my hair make me smile when I see this picture of myself. LOL
My hair is actually back to being a redhead now. You all know how "they" say being a blonde is more fun....but I always say HELL NO...... a redhead is so much more fun!
Maybe sometime soon.....I'll take another pic to share!
Off to sneek another DIB and then go to bed! heehee

Today was my birthday!

Ok..... I know already that I'm going to hear that I should have placed a picture from TODAY! LOL But I can't help it...I love this pic of me on my 2nd birthday! heehee

Look at those fat cheeks and blonde hair!

Today was my 36 birthday! I know many folks stop celebrating after a certian age. I love my birthdays. There was a time in my life that I wasn't always sure I'd see my next birthday. So each one that comes to me now...I embrace with a smile.

It was a low key birthday this year. Homemade pizza for my birthday supper. Something simple. No need for fancy food on my birthday! LOL And this year instead of a cake.... tried DIBS. Little pieces of ice cream covered with chocolate. YUM! Oh they were good!

I really have a serious thing with loving chocolate right now so it was a very simple pick on my part. Lots of calls from family wishing me the best. My inbox was JAMMED full today with birthday wishes from my friends around the world. Each sent me funny ecards or quirky messages that soooooo made me laugh and smile.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate my day!! THANK YOU to all my friends and family who sent me their love today. I felt very special :)

Hmmmm...... so this one is over...... wonder what I can plan for my next birthday? Something simple again? Or maybe I should do something I've never done before for my next birthday? Course....its kinda tough to find something I've never done! LOL


Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Make a Memory

"... you want to steal a piece of time..... you want to make a memory....... "

Just a small piece of a song that is playing on the radio right now and that caught my attention.
(Its a new song by Bon Jovi)

Maybe its because I've been reconnecting with old friends and talking about different memories. Things that happened to us but seen thru different eyes. Most things so simple in life and yet marked each of us in different ways forever.

Don't let life pass you by.
Grab onto it!

Make memories that years down the road will be thought of by someone and make that person SMILE.

Prim Blessings!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cinnamon! Nutmeg! Cloves! Mmmmmmm

No I'm not baking anything with all that! LOL I have been making dolls so had to bring out all the good spices to mix with my primitive stain recipe. I love using this mixture because it always makes my dolls end up smelling soooooo good! Everyone makes comments.

Sure makes my room smell good too! LOL
I dream of cookies!

~My Witches Brew~That is what my family likes to call the stuff I use to stain dolls.I used to create it using tea. I made it with coffee one afternoon and have been hooked on the effect ever since.The kitchen sink or my big pot is what I make this all in.I boil a good couple of kettles of hot water.Take a 1/4 cup coffee and dump it into the boiled water.Take a long handled wooden spoon and stir carefully. Don't splash and burn yourself.I take a cheese cloth baggie and add the following...... cinnamon sticks that I have broken smaller; whole cloves; whole nutmeg that I have grated on the side of; anise star.This baggie steeps in the coffee mixture and adds a spicy scent to the coffee.I also add about 1/4 vanilla to the mixture.
I sometimes add ground cinnamon as well. This creates a "sludge" that you can paint onto your creations and when it drys....oh so very prim!

Prim Blessings!


Ok so the last few days I have been super busy! The fabric has been flying. Primitive pattern pieces are laid out all over. Pencils being knocked all over the place by little tiny kitten feet!LOL
I have been cutting so much fabric in the last two days.....I think I pulled a muscle in my hand!
When I move my thumb on my right hand....oh the pain!
So I iced it and am typing funny tonight! LOL
but I somehow managed in these two days to cut out....... 23 primitive dolls!!!!
Now I just have to sew and stuff them!

Prim Blessings!

To open this Letter..... and read from my Soul

Lost Art of a Hand Written Note

There is something almost "magical" about opening your mailbox and finding a note inside that has been written by hand. In this day and age of emails and contact by computers, I believe too many folks are missing something.

The creativity that can explode onto a blank piece of paper. Colored inks. Different pens. Ink drawings and sketches thru a note. Little pieces of yourself that you are sharing with someone important enough in your life that you sat down and picked up a pen.

I've always loved to write to my friends. Sure sending off a quick email is fine for the most part. But I like to sit down with my array of different papers. All colors and textures. A rainbow of pens and different inks. I even have a wax melter to seal the envelope.....just because I loved the look of it!

Who have you written to in the last while? Who did you make smile when they opened their mailbox and found your special envelope inside? If you can't think of anyone..... then don't you think it might be about time that you sat down at your desk and sent one to someone special?

Prim Blessings!

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

Beneath the Attic Eaves

Now open and doing wonderful! I am so pleased to see th fantastic response to the new website. Quite a few folks have joined the mailing list and the emails have been wonderful.

Make sure to stop by and check everything out!


Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

Saturday, June 02, 2007

From a reader.....

"wow Cedara that was awesome, a breath of fresh air. I stepped out of my world into yours for a while and it was pretty cool....... Looking at the world through someone elses eyes sure gives you a lot to think about. I see my world different just reading about yours. isn't that funny. Blogs are pretty awesome. ".... GINA

I LOVE when my readers send me their comments and reactions to what they have read here. It makes it a bit easier to sit down and write knowing that folks are reading it. Comments fuel my fire.

and now also

Homespun from the Heart

My friend Cindy owns and runs this fantastic website. I was blessed to finally get to meet her in person while at the Primmart Convention last month. We hit it off right away and had so much fun.

There was a pattern swap done and I happened to scoop this sweet kitty pattern of hers. She does AMAZING patterns and I am having so much fun with this kitty.

I already have 8 of them drawn and sewn. Just need to spend tonight doing some stuffing. Supposed to be a good hot sunny day tomorrow so staining them and having the sun work her magic on them while drying....ohhhh I can't wait!

Make sure to stop by Cindy's website!




My new Addiction~ Chex Mix

This is my new addiction! I know its not healthy and right now...I don't really care!LOL (It does happen to be 1/2the fat as chips though)
When I was in the US in May, I found it and tried it. Knew I was going to be hooked after my first taste. Was I smart enough to plan ahead for when I came back home and wouldn't be able to find it here???? NOOOOOOO
But thank goodness my dear friends have been sending me surprise parcels in the mail full of this heaven!
(Thanks Cindy and Mel! XO)
Wonder if I can type and nibble at the same time???

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Zen Garden

I need to get this back out and on the desk someplace. It really is calming to trace around the stones in the sand.

Hmmm....maybe I just need to brave the cold Atlantic breeze and go for a walk on the beach in my bare feet and draw in that sand!




A good nights sleep! I sooooo need one of those right now! LOL

So much stuff happening behind the scenes and I've been not getting the rest that I really need. I can feel the difference in myself too. I'm being cranky......well.....b*tchier then usual. I think when I get back home I am going to switch my bed around a bit. Take all the quilts off....its not like like its bitter cold out anymore. Fresh, crisp cotton sheets. I was given this wonderful Middle Eastern bedspread so vibrant and full of color.

Hmmmm...... maybe I'll even buy some new pillows!



The other day while talking with someone.... I mentioned that some of us that knew that person used to think of the word "exotic" when his name would come up in conversations.

Now mind you these were conversations between a room full of young girls getting ready for a dance and whispering about who was hoping to dance with who...... so keep that in mind!LOL

He laughed so hard!

Said he could think of no one that would describe him as exotic nowadays. We talked a bit more of what made us girls come to that train of thought. ( He is good cause I wasn't going to say at first but next thing I knew..... I was spilling long tucked away childhood giggles!)

We laughed some more over THAT and..............oh come on..... you didn't really think I was going to tell all of YOU why we came to that choice of words too! I blushed enough yesterday telling it once...I'm not telling the world! LOL

But it got me thinking..... can you describe yourself in just one word???? Can one word convey the real you to someone else? I am not sure I can. I like being so multi leveled in what makes me who I am today.

I enjoy the thought that it would take time.... real time with learn who I have become.



How do you see yourself???

I have been doing alot of thinking on this topic..... maybe too much thinking really....but I can't stop myself. With going to Kansas City MO for the business trip and meeting folks there, some for the first time. With being in touch with friends from highschool again.
Not to mention being in touch with friends again from way back even before high school.

How do folks around you "see" you????
I'm not talking about what you look like. If someone forms an opinion about you based just upon that, then thats their loss. The inner you is the important you!

Are they surprised by you? Do they tell you that you are different then they thought you would be? How are you different then what they pictured?

I try my very best to be "just me" when I am with folks. I don't do well with the "lets pretend I'm something other then what I really am". I know right away that I am not always going to get along with everyone. Who really does that???

When I step back and look at who I am:

Straight forward..... I say whats on my mind....sometimes too quickly
Love to laugh.... I find laughter has really helped heal my soul
Approachable...I don't think I give off an air of being a snob??? LOL
Spontaneous..... don't always have to think before I say YES to an idea

I can't wait to hear the feedback on this topic! LOL

Birthday Wishes to a friend

Happy birthday to David! May your day be filled with laughter and fun with your boys this weekend.

Computer Hassles!

Oh why does being online have to cause you to want to SCREAM somedays?!
The last few days have been crazy!!!!
Some of you already know this but for those that don't....... I am on dial up!
For the most part....I actually don't mind that. So it takes a bit longer for a picture to appear or for a long email to come thru. Gives me a bit of time to sit back and relax in my chair! LOL
Well for the last 3 days......our phone lines have been a mess! The static that you would hear when you went to us our phone was so bad. So of course that makes going online near impossible! The air a few times in my room was BLUE from the swearing I was doing!
(I know it wasn't really helping anything but it was making me feel better at the time!LOL)
I was right in the midst of a new website and I couldn't do what needed to be done.
We called the phone company and they said they'd be out "later" to take a look.
I called Eric and told him that he needed to pick me and my computer up so I could go back to his place to finish my work.
He laughed and came and got me. I fed him supper so it all worked out fair! LOL
But he really does want me to start looking for a LAPTOP and soon!