Shabby Miss Jenn

All About Me

Well hello there......  this is me...... taken at the beginning of the year (2013) playing around with my camera.
Just being silly and having some fun in the farmhouse.

I live in beautiful Nova Scotia Canada. I swear this area never fails to take my breath away. Over the years, I have lived in numerous different places across Canada and even around the world, but NS always holds my heart.

I'm the mother of three incredible and crazy thought I was going to say children ;)
Buttons ,JasPurr and TigTig. The first two live with my folks as Tig Tig likes to scrap with any other kitty he sees. You'll see and hear all about them as you read my blog.

I'm happily divorced and yet dating my ex-husband......but well that in itself is a whole other blog!

Have been sewing and selling my creations since 2002 and love it. The world of Primitives opened my eyes to such happiness. I love the feel of my sewing machine humming beneath my hands as fabric comes to life. My dolls are in home all over Canada, USA, Germany, Italy and a few other wonderful countries.

I have always loved painting and have a Graphic Design degree as well. Just in the last little while I rekindled my love of painting and have been dabbling in mixed media/ altered art canvas paintings.

Then the jewelry making buzz bit me and now you are apt to stumble across a few pieces now and then I have created. Hope you enjoy!