Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creative Writing Course

I've finally done it! I am in the midst of a Creative Writing course. I've managed to talk myself out of trying one for a while and finally just thought...enough is enough.
So I asked around and found
I am taking Writeriffic:Creative Training for Writers.
So far...... loving it!
There were more folks that had a number of other courses already under their belts but I have a wonderful cheering team who keep pushing me when I stumble.

Hurricane Bill hits Nova Scotia

My sister took these photos the day after Hurricane Bill came across Nova Scotia. The winds were still very high as you can see from the waves crashing against the rocks at the Cole Harbour Lighthouse

Summer Lupins

Took this photo out at my Exhusbands home...I am going to attempt to paint a watercolor version of this image.

Custom Dolls Created

Some quick pictures of a few custom primitive dolls that I have made. A family friend was visiting from BC and she was taking them back as gifts :)

Bear River Nova Scotia

Bear River Nova Scotia ..... my hometown that still manages to take my breath away.

Bear River Visits

My sister and her family were down for a visit at the same time that my youngest cousin Loran was up from Virginia. He'd not been back home for 4 years.
This is Loran with my 2 nieces

Some neighbours up the road

They all looked so peaceful.....

Just standing out in the field...... Moooooooo

Summer Sunlight

Punch Needle Threads

SCORE! haha
Cindy handed me a brown paper bag and inside were all these spools of thread. OH how I jumped with joy! I have been drawing out a few new punchneedle patterns to create this Autumn once the weather cools down.

Old mason jar

While shopping in one of the MANY antique shops that we went into, I stumbled upon this antique mason jar and it was filled with Scrabble tiles. I scooped it right up and am looking forward to creating a few new pendants in the Autumn.
The jar isn't full in this snapshot as I shared with Sherry....she pouted as I nabbed the jar first! haha

Amish Basket

Wouldn't be right for me to return home from a Primmart Convention without another wonderful handmade Amish basket for my growing collection.
This sits next to my desk and holds important file folders. I just love it

Homeward Bound

After the four days spent in PA, I was heading back home to Nova Scotia. Spending nearly the whole time laughing and not sleeping....wears a gal out, ya know ;)

Amish Way of Life

I could fill the pages of my blog with the number of buggy photos I took. I find them to be such a calming image to take.

More photos from Primmart Convention 2009

This Amish man was plowing the field with his team of horses. The little horse was loose and was a sheer joy to watch as he jumped about in front of the team.

Retro Blogging

A bunch of wonderful primitive friends gathered in Lancaster PA for another fantastic Primmart Convention.
A weekend of laughter, crafting, eating and much more laughter. The memories always make me giggle and smile.