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Friday, October 20, 2006

Penny Cloth Doll Course by Claire Pruitt

OMGoodness! Where do I even begin talking about this class?

A friend from a primitive forum I belong to was talking about a doll class that she was taking part in. She showed us a sample of how the doll was coming along and I was blown away.

I contacted her and asked to have details on the class. I'd been looking around at a few but they all were SO EXPENSIVE and I just don't have the extra funds for stuff like that.

This class was perfect! The price is $25 and this doll has already sparked so many doll creation ideas in my head...I can hardly keep up with jotting them all down! LOL

You sign up for the class at the link I will give...... and then its all held in a Yahoo group. The step by step pictures are the clearest and most detailed I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Claire sends the actual template pieces to you in the mail.

I am going to drive my mail lady bonkers until those template pieces arrive!LOL I seriously have not been this excited to attempt a new pattern in...... well...... I can't even recall!

Claire Pruitt is the course teacher and doll pattern designer. She has been so sweet and wonderful. She answers everyones questions so well. Each email that I have sent, she has responded right away. That right there is a huge bonus. I can tell already that I am going to be learning so much at the talented hands of this woman.

I took a peek around the other "members" of the class. WOW! I won't drop any names but lets just say the talent level in this class blows my mind!Had me a touch nervous that I wasn't quite up to par with these ladies but ALL have been nothing but supportive and willing to help out.

If you are looking to try your hand at something NEW......

If you are willing to expand your creative boundaries......

This doll course is for you! Make sure to scoot right over and check it out!

You will be singing the praises of this course soon!

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing :
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)

Its about 5am and ..........

That is what I get! The new kitten jumping around my bed with a toy!LOL

Good thing she is so cute!


Yup! I love when folks leave me comments after they have read something in my blog. Part of the fun of writing a blog is to hear the feedback from the folks that are reading it.

COME ON! Make a comment! ;)


Monday, October 16, 2006

Autumn Talks.... will you listen????

Eric and I awoke this morning to a glorious Autumn day. The sun was out strong and that made the sky blue but there was no heat behind the color. The winds weren't strong but you could feel a slight nip in the air.

Eric had just gotten his camera back from being sent away to be fixed! (OH GOODNESS! I am beyond excited to have that back and able to borrow again!LOL)
We set off to drive around some back country roads and see what Autumn splender we could capture with a click of our camera.

I will share those pictures with you all soon!

Cedara of

Has anyone seen my "dawg"??????

Eric and I seem to have lost our "dawg"!!!! LOL

Our friend Calvin, who I lovingly refer to as Dawg..... has made the big step and gone out west to BC for a while. He left earlier this month and we miss him already so much. Eric called him tonight and it was so great to hear his voice.
He is staying with our other great friends, Grant and Carole. They are all having such a fantastic time that after talking to both Calvin and Carole tonight...I felt myself experince a twinge of jealousy! I was a bit shocked by it! LOL

I have been following their adventures by reading their blogs. I think its such a wonderful way to stay in touch besides just emails and phone calls. We can catch glimpses of each others lives thru reading the words we chose to write.

I think a trip to BC is going to be in Eric and my future before too long. I look forward to relaxing with all our friends in their livingroom....glasses of wine cooking on the BarBq and laughter escaping from our lips.

I miss you guys!

Let some times slip

I let some time slip by without writting. I need someone to shout out to me when I let too much time go by! LOL
So much happening and just not enough hours in the day to find time to write about everything.