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Friday, January 23, 2009

Perfect Shade of Prim! heehee

Oh I am so happy with this batch of fabric!
I saved a bit of the coffee mix to add to the dolls once all case it looks like it needs bit added here or there!
My room smells SOOOO good right now with all this fabric piled on the craft table!

Tub full of fabric and coffee

Last night I mixed up a tub full of coffee staining for my primitive dolls. YUP.... a TUB FULL! haha
I ran scalding hot water into my tub and used my trusty wooden spoon and added my coffee. Then I added in some perked coffee that was Vanilla Biscotti flavored...oh my mix was smelling GOOD! Added in a few of my "secrets" and it was ready!
I place all kinds of different fabric piece in the mix and left them to soak overnight. I have had them drying now all day and I'm just about to get started on some new dollies!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change We can Believe In

I watched from the edge of my sofa today as history was forever altered. I am a Canadian and will admit that I've not watched the politics of below the border before anywhere near as close as this election.
I cried a number of times and was somewhat shocked at myself for that reaction. Yet the tears would not stop flowing down my cheeks as I listened to him give his speech to the American people; as well as all of us around the world, who also were listening.
I wish President Obama the very best..... he has so many people watching and hoping with every fibre of their being for it to really be true...... a CHANGE.....A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Primitive Doll Patterns for 2009

I am so very excited to be working on the patterns for these primitive dolls. They were such great dolls to make and I just know you all will have fun making them yourself.
I've been writing out instructions and scanning the pattern pieces. They will be ready VERY SOON!

What do you think??

This little lady has a 3D round head and such a sweet face!
She was a custom doll created for a Christmas gift for someone's best friend.

I just love this little gal too!
She is created using an antique textile bobbin as her base.

The braids on her make me smile every time I look at this picture! heehee

I will post when the new patterns are ready!

Tracy(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door

Time to SWEAT!

We all do it! eat too much food over the holidays. We had lots of company so that meant lots of food to nibble and indulge in.
Well playing outside with the nieces and such, I noticed a big difference in my body.


I am dusting off my threadmill and going to get back into walking again. Got a new MP3 player to listen to while on there. I had been doing pretty good so I hope it won't take me long to get back into that routine.
Primmart Convention 2009 is happening in May and I'd love to lose some inches before the gals all see me again! heehee Good incentive!

Once I get walking for awhile then I am going to mix in some pilates as well. I found all my Pilates dvds and my mat. I'm excited and ready.
Wonder where my measuring tape is???
Can't start a plan without knowing my measurements..... always modivates me more to see the inches coming off! yippeeeee

Telescope fun!

Hannah's main gift from her parents this year was this telescope! She is loving it! They brought it down with them to our place as we live quite far back in the woods and have no street lights or even lights from neighbors homes.

There was a just a sliver of the moon while she was here but they were able to look at a few crators on it. She saw a planet too and was very excited.

This is Grampa looking thru and seeing if he can see the moon or not. It was before our big snow fall but wow.....was it COLD outside!

More snow fun...

Hey Hannah....see those snow covered branches over there....
go pose underneath them....
Now reach up
and grab the branch over your head......


Me too???

Even Buttons Kitty wanted to try to play Othello! heehee

Playing Othello

Borrowed the game Othello from my ExH over the holidays as well. Andy and I spent many hours playing this game of strategy. I thought the girls were at the right age to give it a try. Sarah didn't do too bad but Hannah really caught on.
She never beat me though! LOL


The girls got the game HEADBANDZ for a gift this year and brought it down to our house when they came. You wear this plastic band around your head and place a card in the slot. You have to guess what is on the card by asking the others questions. You are timed and its really quite alot of fun. Lots of giggling!

Sarah with her Headbandz card in place and trying to guess what she is! (She was a green bean!)

Hannah with her Headbandz card in place and we are laughing so hard as her grandfather could live on bacon alone! She guessed that one pretty quick!

Me! Note its a chocolate bar on my card!LOL

Family Game Night!

While my sister and her family were with us over the holidays, we played alot of different games. My family loves that sort of thing!

Here we are playing "Bananagrams"..... which is like a mix of Scrabble and Crosswords. Mom totally kicked our butt at this game! LOL

Bigger Fallout! LOL

We laughed SO HARD!!!! This is ME falling backwards into the snow and can see I make a much larger POOF! LOL

Silly Snow pics

Hannah took this snap of me while we were out walking on the woods road behind my house. The snow is over my knees!

Then I snapped this picture of Hannah falling backwards into the fluffy snow.

This is what happens when you fall into a deep pile of snow! You get buried in it! LOL

Craftisan Graphics

My friend Kim of Craftisan Graphics is blessing me with a new look to my Twitter page!
I'm sooo excited as she is wicked talented when it comes to this sort of thing.
She is going to be matching my page to the new look here on my primitive blog.
If you are thinking of having some work done on your website.....Kim is the gal to contact!
Tell her Cedara sent ya over to take a peek! heehee
Tracy(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door

Do you Twitter??

Have you heard of Twitter???
Did you sign up for it?

A friend contacted me and told me she was going to be staying in touch with friends thru Twitter. I signed up and have been having so much fun. Its a really fun way to let folks know whats been happening in your life.
The catch is you have a limit of how much you can say..... that to me is also the fun part! LOL

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Tracy(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door


I will admit this....drinking Pepsi is my downfall!
Coffee doesn't cross my lips...only use that to dunk dollies in....but I drink way too much Pepsi.
I'm noticing it and am going to really do my best to cut way back. Work my way to only one can a day.
Then the best goal..... to cut it out of my life altogether!
Wish me luck! I get cranky and might need to be told to shhhhh LOL
Tracy Dunn(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door

2009 Bring a New Look to Blog

Not sure why it happens but every January, I always feel like switching things around in my life. Which can make for some crazy moments as my room is quite small and not really able to move things around too much. This time I opted to switch around some graphics!

The blog now has a new look and I'm loving it!
Am going to be switching my website around a bit in the next while as well.

Tracy Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Friday, January 02, 2009

Snow Storm hits Nova Scotia

Thought I'd share a snap of the snow that fell. This is back on our woods road behind the house. Snow was very fluffy and DEEP! LOL

Happy New Year 2009!

I welcomed in 2009 with a big snowstorm in Nova Scotia. My sister and her family have been with us visiting for a few days. So instead of going out somewhere and having to deal with the storm...stayed home.

It was wonderful! We played a number of different board games and ate munchies thru the evening.

Happy 2009 everyone.....may this year be filled with much happiness and lots of giggles for you all

Tracy(Cedara)of Thru the Attic Door