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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Army of Ermas

My day started as usual with emails, spam and my Facebook addiction.While playing one of a million games of Lexulous, I multi-tasked and opened a message from Stace. Next thing I know I'm breathing into a paper bag while the room spun around me.

She'd been chatting with some different writer friends of hers and they'd brainstormed about a humor blog that is Erma-esque in style but brought into the 21st century that they were calling An Army of Ermas.
Was I in?

Before I could give it a second thought I wrote back HECK YEAH and hit the send button.
Then frantically sifted thru my cluttered desk and found my trusty paper bag
Stacey is an incredible writer and from what I've laughed at already, knows some crazy fun gals.
I'm honored she thought to include me in this new adventure.

We are making midnight margaritas - and I need to gather more ice and limes so have to run.

Stop by and say hello! We'd love to have you find a giggle or two.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

and more snow continues to fall

Alright, I know that I live in Canada and that we have a winter season but this really has gotten out of hand. I love the way the snow coats the trees in the backyard. The footprints of deer and rabbit flitting all around. Its beautiful and calming.....but now needs to be over.

I ache for green grass.
Flowers opening wide to showcase their delicate hues.

I want to put the shovels away. The tractor to have the chains off the tires and dirt fresh plowed on its blade.

Heck.... I'd even settle for a few days of just SUNSHINE right now, Mother Nature. Is that really asking too much?


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Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire (and failure to use or discard) a significant amount of possessions, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary.

Hoarders on AandE has opened my eyes to this disorder and I will admit that I am addicted to watching it. Looking around my own space, I see things differently now. I had piles of "stuff" and boxes crammed full to the ceiling. I had been doing well I thought containing most of my belongings to the one room in the house that was "mine" but in the last few months have noticed it spilling out into the other 2 rooms upstairs.


Slowly , as I don't have a crew like the folks featured on the show, I've been going thru my belongings and getting rid of things that I know deep down will never get around to using. Its become clutter and just junk really. Special pieces that mean something have been kept. I am so proud of myself with what I've managed to go thru already. Its gets better each day.

The folks that agree to be on this show amaze me. They are opening themselves up to help others that watch to see it can get better. I wish every family the best of luck at keeping this at bay for them.

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2

Spartacus on HBO

OH MY! I am hooked on this show and my only complaint is that it conflicts with other shows Monday evening that get watched here in my home so have to stay up crazy late to watch....but I do!

Spartacus is a look into the world of gladiators from ancient Rome, filmed in the graphic style of 300. Blood happens alot. Sweat covers everyone. Nudity as well.
The costumes are incredible and I am really struck by the storyline.

Course he isn't difficult to watch for an hour either! ;)

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Monday, February 08, 2010

and then came Colin James

Yes! Colin James was the second concert that I got tickets to see and I was so excited. He was playing at the Halifax Casino and I'd be much closer to him then when I'd first seen him at the DMBF last summer.

The way he can manipulate his guitars makes a gal almost blush.

He had the crowd singing along in record time and I went away from this concert hoarse as well. He gave an incredible concert full of music that just makes you smile.

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2010 Grammys

Pink's performance knocked me speechless!
That right there was what an entertainer is suppose to do.
She actually SANG the song while giving a mind blowing performance.


My mouth exploded with pleasure

The same weekend that I went to Halifax to see Blue Rodeo play, I ate at an incredible restaurant.
Anatolia Turkish Cuisine that is found on 1518 Dresden Row Halifax.

Its a very small converted house with a few tables.The fragrant aroma of kebabs cooking on the charcoal grill that is visible from the small dining room instantly takes you to another culture. The tables are covered with Mediterranean rugs which I fell in love with. Ornate tile and copper pieces added a wonderful touch to the decor of the restaurant.
The menu was wonderful and very hard to pick something as I wanted to try one of everything.
The simple Turkish salad brought my taste buds alive after the first bite. Everything was fresh and so fragrant. I opted to try Turkish Iskender made with chicken and will have that again as soon as possible. My mouth exploded with pleasure! Fresh made Turkish pita laid on a plate with delicate slices of chicken breast covered in a spiced sauce and yogurt all baked in the oven. I may have even moaned with the first few nibbles.

I can not wait to go there again!!!

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2

Blue Rodeo performs in Halifax NS

"Strange and beautiful
are the stars tonight
that dance around your head
in your eyes I see that perfect world
I hope that doesn't sound too weird
And I want all the world to know
that your love's all I need
all that I need
and if we're lost
then we are lost together
yea if we're lost
then we are lost together..........."

For a Christmas present this year I was given concert tickets and the first show was to go to Halifax to see Blue Rodeo!!!!! Oh how I love this band. I've seen them a number of times over the years and always come away with a smile on my face plus a hoarse voice from screaming along to their songs.

Dustin Bentall opened for them which was a bonus as I also very much love his work too. Blue Rodeo then came out and blew me away song after song. A few new songs that I heard for the first time and loved. The classics that within the first few strums across guitar strings or touch of the piano keys still manage to send chills up my spine.

Had an incredible time!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

My life has a shirtless Sawyer again

Such a simple way to make me smile...... Sawyer walking the beach with no shirt on LOST.


I know for many, LOST has run too long with not enough answers being given but I just can't toss in the towel. Its the finale season and I am as hooked as can be. Am hoping that answers start happening and loose ends are finally tied tight.

and many more shirtless moments are filmed ;)

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2

then the lights went out

The other evening the power went out. It wasn't even that windy but a tree branch must have struck the lines. The power was out for a good few hours. Candles were set around the table and eight Othello games later we finally just went to bed.
The way the wax was dripping caught my eye and I brought my camera out to see if I could capture the moment. I thought this turned out to be an interesting capture.

Cinderella and those darn shoes

As a gal who loves a fierce new pair of shoes, this made me giggle when a friend sent it to me in an email.

Wii Fit Plus

The Wii gaming system has been out for quite a while now and I have to admit that I've never shown much interest in it before now. I thought it was just for kids to play games on and since I have no need to own one.

WRONG! haha

My nieces got a Wii as the "family" gift this holiday season and as they were here with it, I got my first lessons on just how fun it could really be. The next thing we all knew, my folks were getting their own Wii system and also splurged on WiiFit Plus.

I am officially addicted! Am well aware how silly it sounds but it really does make exercising fun to do.
I have been doing not too bad at getting on about every other day. Have made great strides in bettering my posture and core balance. A few new high scores have been created that make me smile :)
May even get to a point where I'd allow pictures to be taken......but thats still quite a ways down the road.

Just one of those kind of days

You know the kind of day that I'm talking about. Big plans are being made as soon as your eyes open in the morning but you see more of the day slipping by with not much being crossed off the list. Had the house to myself today and wanted to get cracking on a few things that needed my attention........ a small nap later and a few reruns of The Sopranos and poof....... its now evening.

So let me pour a cold drink and get ready to write thru the next few hours of the night.........

oh and I just thought this was a funny picture I caught of the cats the other day. Buttons Kitty was yawning as I snapped it from outside. heehee

Heart Shattered

My heart shattered into a million pieces in the wee morning hours of January 16,2010 when my Grandmother passed away. She and I didn't always see eye to eye on subjects. Many times over the years we butted heads with each other.
Never once did I ever doubt for a second of her love for me.
Each day my heart mends a bit more but the ache will never fully go away. I miss her so very much.

I love you Gram and forever am proud to to carry your strong willed spirit within.