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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dating is Hell.....a wicked funny blog!!!!!

I'm going to give you a few moments to go and BOOKMARK that blog.
Not even 100% sure how I managed to stumble across her blog that first time. Blog jumping I'm sure. (Its how I find most of the blogs I like to read on a regular basis now)
The style that she writes.....struck a cord with me.
I was laughing out loud for real.
I have been known to QUOTE her to friends! haha
I told my closest friends about her blog...... and now we all having this running joke amongst ourselves about a guy on a pony with chocolate cake and lots of vodka being drank.
Go read her'll understand ;)
Her blog is not for the faint of heart. She really shoots right from her hip and tells things straight up. She is even known to swear. If you are looking for some serious laughter though..... be will spend the whole evening reading every post she's ever made.

Harper's Island

OMGoodness! Shake your head at me...I don't care! haha I am LOVING this show!!!!
Its been the perfect hour long escape each week. I thought I was beginning to know who the killer might be but then was tossed a curve ball.
Its just cheesy enough to make ya laugh at times while two seconds later making ya jump! haha
Who else will admit they are watching???
Have you got someone picked out as the killer???

Silly kitty

I was working the other day on my computer and from behind me I kept hearing these weird sounds. I turned around in my chair and giggled.
It was like Buttons Kitty has just discovered she had a tongue! haha
She "say" something to me.....and stick her tongue out!
I couldn't stop laughing. I grabbed my camera and snapped this photo quick.

My Vice

*rolling my eyes*

YES....I am well aware that I actually have a number of different vices that at some point should be looked at closer.....but for now I am going to focus my attention on this one.

Drinking Pepsi.

The snap of that cold, from the fridge, chilled can. The sprinkle of teeny bubbles that burst forth and at times shot up my nose.

The bouncing on the edge of my bed whilst I'm trying to fit into my jeans....yeah yeah yeah...... I'm thinking I need to halt this vice and soon.
Summer is here and I can drink gallons of ice cold water and other yummy ways to quench my thirst.

Just let me finish this mouthful of Pepsi....... it would be rude to waste it....I already poured it in my glass! ;)

Tracy(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2

Opps! Time lapse again

I never mean to let so much time lapse between posts but sometimes LIFE just really spins ya around by your tail.

Back on track!