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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angora Napkin by Troy Little

I got a signed copy!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhh

My sister went to High School with Troy in Summerside PEI.

She had mentioned him to me a few times over the years. He is an incredible artist and you can purchase his creations at an number of places including Amazon.

He came to Halifax for a signing and my sister went to see him. She bought his book and had a wonderful visit with him.

Check him out at his website!!!

Here is a photo of him signing some copies of Angora Napkin as well as his new graphic novel for some fans!

This is the cover of Angora Napkin!

Colored Threads

I have to admit that I almost always just sew my creations with white thread. Just the way I sort of taught myself to sew I guess. Well I have been watching some other fellow artists and asking them some questions about their creations. Almost all of them sew with different colored thread. Yes it takes a bit longer to remember to switch colors and match etc. But it really is turning out some wonderful details and accents.
When you you use white thread or match your colors????

Ice Covered Berries

My aunt took this photo of some ice covered berries in her yard in Virgina,USA. I just thought it was such a striking snapshot. Finally getting to share it

Hoppy Easter!

Bunny nose kisses to you all! xoxox
Happy Easter everyone! Woke this morning to SNOW! I rubbed my eyes as I just couldn't believe it. I was out pulling weeds in the flower garden just a few days ago.
My parents are still up to my sister's home while Mom recovers from her back surgury(more on that in another post). They got to celebrate Easter with the granddaughters and there was such laughter when we talked on the phone today.
The girls got bubbles, rubber boots, 3Dchalk and of course lots of chocolate! haha Wasn't mentioned what they were doing for supper but I'm sure it will be wonderful and yummy.
Not sure how long the snow is suppose to last but it does make for a good excuse to sit at the sewing machine! heehee

Slight Detour

Had a few things happen on the homefront that had me a bit off kilter and not writing. Everything has settled down enough that I'm back!
So much to tell and share with you all.
Are you comfy?
Lets get started!