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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Beady eyes looking at me......

My nieces own this little guy....his name is Zeik!
His cage was right behind where the computers are set up so it always felt like someone was watching me!
I turned around and....doesn't it look like Zeik was waving at me????

Creative Space

My youngest niece loves to be creative! She is always drawin, coloring and creating something. I love seeing something come to life before her eyes!


She got a DS for her birthday and alot of gaming was played this week. I already owned one and she thought it was great fun to chat back and forth etc. Her sister has asked for one for Christmas but till then...... I'm leaving mine with her so they can continue playing with them together.

Ginger Beef

When I was living in Calgary, I was introduced to the taste of Ginger Beef and it has been my fave thing to order when having Chinese food. It can be quite hard to find it made well or else I am really fussy on how I like it! LOL

This place in Dartmouth has AWESOME ginger beef as well as an insane amount of other tasty morsels! Eric has treated me twice this week to supper there. OH MY!

Do you have a fave thing to order when getting Chinese food??

Tracy(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door

Cheese Scones

My sister had these cheese scones at her home and MY GOODNESS, they were sooooo good!
I had one for breakfast almost every morning!
Here is a simple recipe for them to start your mornings off right! YUM!
Savory Cheese Scones
Prep Time:10 min
Total Time:30 min
Makes 12 scones
2 cups all purpose flour
1 Tbsp. baking powder
3/4 cup butter
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 cups grated CRACKER BARREL Cheddar Cheese
COMBINE flour and baking powder in large bowl; cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
ADD eggs and cream; mix just until moistened. Stir in cheese.
ROLL out dough to 3/4-inch thickness on lightly floured surface. Cut with floured 2-inch cutter. Place on baking sheet.
BAKE at 425°F for 20 min. or until lightly browned
Tracy(Cedara) of Thru The Attic Door


Recharging my battery! YUP! I went on a mini "vacation" of sorts. My sister was really sick and I came up to the city to help her out and take my nieces out for Halloween. I've been up in the city all week and Eric is taking me back home today. Its been relaxing and yet crammed full of stuff too.
I love coming up here!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Writers Block

Yup....its what had taken over my brain. Usually words flow pretty easy for me. One thing led to another and I just stopped writing. I'd sit here at my keyboard and just stare at the screen.



Hi again!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scrabble Tile Pendant~ closer

Hey.....the Scrabble pendant is for me...I can make it say whatever I want! ;)

Scrabble Tile Pendants

I know you have been just like me and seeing these Scrabble Tile Pendants showing up all over the web. Some of the folks that are making these are beyond talented and are really creating quite the little pieces of artwork.

I just wanted to play! heehee

We happened to have an extra Scrabble game so I took the tiles from it. I'll use the other stuff from it for something else but thats a whole different blog post.

I went out to the garage and showed Dad my concept and he drilled the holes for me. Power tools are beyond NOT my thing! LOL Spent the evening cutting papers and twisting wires. Glues were used and I was having a BLAST!

Have you made anything like this??
I've already got family and friends asking for pieces!
I'll do a step by step tutorial if enough folks show interest. I didn't have my camera next to me when I was playing with these ones.

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Closer peek at the Red Fabric

I may actually have to go back and get some more of this fabric......its such a perfect rich deep red color. The flowers and seed pod detail looked almost stitched to me. I can't wait to create something with this fabric.
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Fabric Splurge

I'm actually still in shock that it happened. I am not one to impulse buy fabric. Its just too darn expensive up here for that to be happening. I usually wait until I'm out with Eric someplace ...cause he's awesome and will buy it!LOL I'm so naughty.
The other day I was out and saw these.....and before I knew what had happened....I had the bolts in my hand and was walking over to the counter. I heard myself ask for a metre each(about a yard) and also heard the voice in my head scream NOOOoooooo.....but somehow the lady at the counter didn't hear that voice.
I am so in the mood to create some Autumn primitive dolls and these fabrics just jump started some ideas. You all will be the first to see the final result here in my blog! heehee
Off to cut some fabric!
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Back Home from the Blue House

Well it hasn't quite lived up to the thoughts in my head...... having the dolls at the Blue House at the Theme Park. The other ladies have been wonderful and I have enjoyed the experience don't get me wrong. I've just opted to bring a bunch of the gals back home and revamp them for my website.
Folks going to the park were there for one reason.....and buying primitive style dolls....wasn't it! LOL on the lookout on my website....cause I see a DOLL SALE in the very near future!
YIpppeeee for all of you! ;)

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sleepy Kitty

Buttons Kitty loves to curl up in the top section of my wooden file folders. She doesn't always fully fit but she seems mighty comfy! heehee
If I happen to place anything on that top one....she comes along and whips it onto the floor with her paw ....the whole time swearing at me and giving me that look that cats can give! LOL
Just thought I'd share a pic!

Lots of Sewing

There has been a bunch of sewing happening here too. I had hit a sort of creative block but am thrilled that it seemed to be moving away. I have bits and pieces all over my sewing area...ok so its the top of my dresser and next to my bed. ;)
I am going to finish them up in the next few days and I hope to add them to my website really soon. I'll make sure to post pics here as well. Lets just say that my favorite season is Autumn and I went into it full swing. Primitive dolls all decked out in wonderful rich autumn colors and fabric! yeahhhh
New patterns coming also!
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Envelope Art

Have been catching up with some friends thru hand written letters. Email has its place but nothing beats the excitement of going to the mailbox and finding a real letter inside from a friend. I wanted my friends to know it was something fun so I took my pencil crayons with me when I worked last at the Theme Park. I spent the day drawing things on the envelopes and coloring. It was really fun and I had a great time coming up with ideas to draw. I did these that I'm showing plus an array of silly farm animals and other things.
You never know....maybe one of these envelopes will be appearing in YOUR mailbox!
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

More Smores

Think we might have been better off using a larger candle! LOL I quickly ran out of patience and took my graham cracker, placed a chunk of chocolate and my marshmallow....popped it all in the microwave and BING.... mine was ready!

Smores..... sorta

While my nieces were home on vacation, we wanted to make Smores! My mother and grandmother had never had them before. How that happened we have no clue as both my sister and I love them! LOL Well we kept having rainy weather and not able to make a campfire in the backyard. They were going to be returning home in the next few days so we thought outside the box! LOL
I got a plate out and placed 3 tealights on it to use as our campfire. Little wooden skewers were used to hold the marshmallows and the fun began.
We just had to remind the girls a few times to not swing around so quickly with their marshmaoolw on fire....cause we didn't want it to fling across the kitchen onto the curtains! LOL
YUM! Mom and Gram thought they were super yummo!

Like the Sun

Like a small piece of Sunshine on the dreery rain filled last few days

Four Seasons Fairies

Karen of RKCreations is a wickedly talented doll artist that I am so blessed to also call a wonderful friend. I am hopelessly addicted to her creations and have almost all of her primitive patterns.
This is her newest and I'm almost finished making it! I freakin LOVE these fairies!
She has created one for each of the Seasons!
Scoot over to her website and take a peek.
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Nova Scotia Lighthouse

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Stone Circle

My sister says to us to start looking for rocks that have a "line" in them as she wants to create something. So the girls and I start looking all amongst the beach rocks and come up with quite a number of rocks that have some sort of line. We bring them over to where my sister is and she sends us off for more. We have been gathering rocks for about 40 minutes and we still need to get back home and cook tacos for I tell her she needs to give up the HEART shape like she had hoped for.....but we all thought this CIRCLE turned out quite cool looking!
Ever make shapes out of stones on a beach before??? It was really quite fun! LOL

Silly Feet

While we were crusing all over the beach looking for rocks, we found this small batch of sand so we all gathered for a silly photo.
Can you guess who's foot is who's???

They Have My Heart

My sister and her family are home for a weeks vacation and my nieces, as usual, have stolen my heart! I love them to pieces!
The other day I suggested we head out to this little boardwalk that I knew about. Its not a sandy beach but one that is covered with beach stones that are all shaped by the waters of the Bay. They had a blast looking for the "perfect" stones to bring back home.
xox to Little Red and Mini Me ;)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tame a Raven??

Have you ever heard this folk tale?? If you shake salt onto the tail feathers of a crow or raven then it will become tame and you can keep it as your pet??
I have been thinking alot about Autumn and sewing some new fall gals to celebrate the season. When I saw this vintage postard I had to share it with you all. It makes me smile.
Then I remembered hearing that folk tale and really knew I had to share!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Attack of the Dust Bunnies

WOW.....its kinda funny how you think a place isn't quite as dirty as it is until you start cleaning and then the mountain of dust bunnies that start rolling around attacking your feet! I thought I would do a massive cleaning of my crafting space ( the corner of my bedroom that I use) so as to distract me from my grief. I am about half way thru and sooo tired! LOL How have I managed to let so much small clutter just pile up and take over that corner?! LOL
I found 2 pieces of fabric that I so thought I'd used that was a fun discovery. I think they will be the first things I craft with once I uncover my sewing machine again.
Hopefully that will happen tomorrow! LOL

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fou Kitty~ RIP July 2008

The last few days have been so very hard on my heart. We learned yesterday that Fou had become sick and Eric's parents had him put to sleep. (When Eric moved to the city to work, his folks kept looking after Fou for him) Fou began not acting like himself and then started vomiting blood. They took him to the vet and had him put to sleep. That happened last Tuesday and they told us yesterday. Eric and I were greatly upset and I was finding no closure to my grief. They had opted to not bring him home to be buried and had left him at the vets office. I cried myself to sleep last night.
Eric called me this morning to tell me he had spent almost 3 hours calling vets offices and had found Fou's body. It had been moved to a larger Animal clinic in Yarmouth. Animals are stored there until pick up from Mt.Uniacke where there is a Pet Cemetary for unclaimed animals. If I could get to Yarmouth, I could claim Fou.
My father drove me there right away. I was able to see him and show proof he was mine.
We brought him home and buried him in the yard. I can look out my bedroom window onto the bush that he now rests under. He was buried with a blanket and a can of tuna....that was his favorite treat.
I am going to miss Fou Kitty so very much!
He was never a cat to me....he was Momma's big boy~ xoxoxoxox
Thank you so very much to my friends for all their words of support.
Thank you to my family for everything they have done during this time of pain.
Thank you Eric.... for once again healing my very broken heart and soul.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thistles and Bees

Just a different snapshot of the thistles and the bees crawling all over them.

Can you hear the Buzz???

The front garden is ALIVE with the buzzing of bees! Bumble bees and honey bees are crawling all over these tall blue thistles we have there. Their legs and bodies are covered with the pollen.
The bees are so intent on gathering it all that you can get quite close to them....until you forget the front of your camera sticks out and you tap some of the bees on their butt while trying to get close! LOL
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of


To say that I am happy with how the container garden has done would be silly.....because I am beyond THRILLED! LOL
I have taken cuttings of the parsley and froze really doesn't take long to start taking over the barrel! LOL The oregano underneath started really sprouting and stretching toward the sunshine once it came out from under the shadow of the parsley.
The green peppers have little white blossoms and one actually has the beginnings of a pepper. It might not grow very large but I can't wait!
At last count.....this had 36 maters! OH YEAH!

My Garden

This is how my container garden was growing..... the tomato was starting to take off; the green peppers seemed stunted and well the parsely just seemed to have a life of its own.

Mmmm....Blueberry Pie

We have had a bumper crop of blueberries this year. I have never seen so many of them. They are really sweet too and so juicy. We've made muffins already and this pie turned out incredible!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Have you ever known that someone was meant to be in your life?? That is exactly how I feel about Sherry in mine.

Sherry of AnniesCupboards is beyond a wonderful friend. I remember joining the Primmart community and for months just lurking and reading posts. I thought that I had gotten in over my head and these talented ladies were going to see me as a crafting fraud! LOL

Sherry's posts always drew me in. I was entranced by her doll creations. OH MY GOSH....can this gal sew! Each one of her little dollies just speaks to you. We started posting to each other on the forum. We started sending emails to each other. Want to know something funny? I have the first email that Sherry ever wrote me printed out and saved in a journal! heehee I couldn't believe that I was starting a friendship up with her.

The more time passed between us, she and I were beginning to see we really had lots of things in common. My day always has laughter and joy when I hear from her or read something she had posted on the forum.

The next thing I knew..... I was meeting her in person! OH MY GOSH! I went to the Primmart Convention twice and have been blessed to see her there. That first year, I was pretty sure I was nervous enough about meeting her that I was going to toss my cookies! LOL We just CLICKED and its been so incredible.

I can go to her about anything that is happening in my life and she is right there for me. I can be stuck at a creative road block and she pushes me in another direction with a few good giggles and a slight shove. We have cried together. We have laughed till we cried too.

She blesses my soul with her friendship! Go stop by her website and see what fantastic new dolls she has managed to whip up to amaze us all. She sells patterns too so you can create your own version of her sweet little gals. Send her an email and just tell her that you needed to say HELLO to a wonderful person today that just by being HERSELF alters my life forever! I love ya Sherry!

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

Glitter Shakers

When I saw this idea I KNEW that I had to also do it! I thought it was brillant to place your glitter for craft projects inside of a wonderful antique salt shaker!!!!
I was always getting it all over the place and didn't like not having control of how much came pouring out of whatever container I was attempting to use for storage.
There are a few quaint antique shops in town that I am hoping to score a few shakers in! A shaker for each color glitter! heehee
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

Inside my Prayer Wheel

Showing the paper scroll inside the Prayer wheel where the mantra has been written over and over.

Tibetian Prayer Wheel

The other evening I was talking with a friend and mentioned my Tibetian Prayer Wheel. He wanted to see a photo of it so I thought I would write about it here and share it with all of you as well.
My friends that lived in China for a few years brought it back to me and I treasure it greatly.(Thank you so very much Carole and Grant! xoxo) Large versions are very common in the Chinese countryside at the temples. A prayer wheel is a 'wheel' (Tibetan: 'khor) on a spindle made from metal, wood, leather, or even coarse cotton. On the wheel are depicted prayers or, mantras and symbols.
The rules surrounding the prayer wheels are very specific (although occasionally vary according to tradition). The practitioner must spin the wheel clockwise. This was determined because this is the direction the mantras are written. Before and after the practitioner turns the wheel, he or she must repeat the mantra, or no merit will be incurred by the wheels use. However, some traditions state that repeating a mantra simply (or greatly) enhances the effects of the prayer wheel, and just turning it has benefits and merits alone. Each revolution is considered like reading the inscription aloud as many times as it is written on the scroll. The wheel must not be spun frantically, but held straight (if a hand-held wheel) and turned smoothly with the motivation and spirit of compassion and bodhichitta (the noble mind that aspires to full enlightenment for the benefit of all beings).

They brought me back this Prayer Wheel, a Tibetian Singing Bowl, a white silk Prayer shawl as well as a set of Buddist prayer beads. My friends blessed me greatly with those treasures.

My new fave Yoga Pose

NO...that is NOT me doing the pose! LOL

Oh but how I am enjoying the full STRETCH this pose is giving my body. Its called the breastroke and its working muscles I didn't even know I had!

Gymnastics at Upper Clements Park

Pale Blue Wonder

There is a whole cluster of this plant growing behind the house. The petals are such a soft pale blue. They look so paper like as well.
Anyone know what flower this might be???

Hints of Sunshine

The bumble bee had just flown away when I snapped this pic....maybe I'll catch it next time LOL

Splashes of Blue

Planted all along the side of the house attracting an array of butterflies as well as bumble bees!

Behind the Blue House

Thought I would walk around the back of the Artisan's House at Upper Clements Park to share the gardens that are planted. I just adore working at this house! LOL

I am working on a new batch of primitive style dolls to bring with me on August 2 which is the next day I work there. Its going to be a LONG day for me that day! Working from 11am until 10pm..... Park After Dark! I best remember to bring a few novels that day to help pass time LOL


Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Custom Primitive Doll.....heading to Maine

I was asked to create a custom doll for a lady and here is the final result. I have to admit that once she started coming to life I really fell in love with her. Her little rusty colored braids so make me giggle!
I hadn't done this shape of doll in awhile and it felt good to make her again. I went ahead and cut out a few others that you will be seeing in the next few days!
Her new "mommy" in Maine is a wonderful lady and I am so happy to have had the chance to make her this doll.

Summertime Screen Tent

We can now sit outside and enjoy the breeze without being eaten alive by critters. Black flies and skitters are always so thick as we live out in the woods. Sitting outside for any length of time just wasn't able to happen.
We are going to place my hammock inside as well as some chairs. Up the road a guy makes picnic tables and we think we may invest in one of those too.
Game of Scrabble outside.....oh yeah!

Scrabble Tiles

My family LOVES to play Scrabble. Just one game is never seems right so we tend to play till we see Scrabble tiles when we close our eyes at night.
I found that we actually have managed to have a few games of it in the cupboard. You can only play one at a time though so I thought I would take the spare tiles and see what creative spark ignited within me!!!
I have been slowly gathering the different pieces I need to start playing. I am so very excited to share what has been created with you soon....very soon!

Another Strike Upon the Drum

Feel each strike of the drum as it is carried down over the mountains edge into the valley below only to then mingle with the sounds already playing by Mother Nature

My friend Trevor had posted these snapshots from out in British Columbia and I knew I wanted to share them with my readers.

Feel the Strike of the Drum

Follow the Stream

"Be soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a
raging waterfall. Follow the stream, have faith in its course. It will go its
own way, meandering here, trickling there. It will find the grooves, the cracks,
the crevices. Just follow it. Never let it out of your sight. It will take you"
While talking the other day with a friend, I was reminded of that quote. Our path is laid out before us. Each of us has a steam to follow. We may take different steps. We may wander along the waters edge longer at times then others. Never will we be asked to go into deeper waters then we can truly handle.
Follow your Stream!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Purple Haze

Another view of the flowers on the fence line. The wild blueberries in the backgroun will be ready for picking within the next few weeks.

Flowers around the Yard

Flowers get planted on the white picket fence that separates a section of the front yard from the acres of wild blueberries we have growing.
These blooms looked so pretty on the day I was out snapping pics!

My Mom

Took this snapshot of my mom last month while walking around the yard with her. We had a bit of a hectic past weekend as she spent the night in the hospital.

We had gone up the valley to my Uncle's place for supper and to also meet up with Eric who was bringing some things down from the city that far.

While Dad and I traveled in his car to meet with Eric; Mom and Gramma traveled in their car and went right to my uncle's. When we finally arrived, Mom was looking not well. She was having pains in her abdomen and felt very sick to her stomach. She has had "knots" in her bowels before and said it felt like that was happening again. The closest hospital was just at the end of the street from where we all were....she was going!

They ran all kinds of tests and did a bunch of blood work on her. Not 100% sure what the problems was yet, they opted to keep her overnight. Dad drove my grandmother and I back home. My Aunt and Uncle kept us in the loop of what was going on thru calls during the evening.

My mother has had issues with her bowels before and we are always so nervous. She came within 2 hours of dying a few years ago when a section of her bowel burst and spread infection thru her body. It was a very scary time for us all. She ended up having a temporary colostomy while her body healed. That was reversed and we raced to panic mode as soon as she has any sort of pains now. So....she tends to fight the pain quietly till it becomes too much to hide from us.

She has had a stern talking to now! LOL She is home again and doing much much better. She is full of antibiotics and hopefully will be back on track very soon.

Thank you ALL who sent me messages, emails and called. xoxxoxox

Starting to grow!

I can't wait to be able to eat these! LOL