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Friday, August 24, 2007

Lets Play Along

SamIamCreations posted this on her blog and when I read it this morning I thought to myself....what a fun idea! She says for different bloggers to add it to their here goes!
Copy and paste it on your blog..and play along too :)

1. where is your cell phone? in Eric's car as he's heading to Halifax for the weekend
2. your boyfriend/girlfriend? free as a bird! LOL
3. your hair? here's the scoop! I was in the mood to go "red" but seemed to have somehow gotten a bit more of a BRIGHT red then I was really hoping for. Going to see if Pam will take me into town today so I can attempt a deeper shade on top of this one. Could be BALD by suppertime tonight! LOL
4. where is your father? car was gone this morning he's gone to Tim Hortons for a coffee before taking my grandfather shopping for groceries. Ya need a LARGE coffee before doing that!
5. your favorite thing to do? playing with altered art ideas..... grunge dollies I've sewn..... and learn the ins and outs of the camera.....think I'll play with B&W pics today!
6. your dream last night?dreamt about my "dark chocolate" last night ;)
7. your dream car? don't drive so don't need a car
8. the room you're in? corner of my bedroom that doubles as my computer space/office area
9. who did you hang out with last night? Pam as she is home for a visit from Virgina for 2 weeks. She and I laugh so much when we hang out. Its so fun having an aunt that is only 10 years older then you!
10. your fears? grasshoppers! Damg things scare the beejeepers outta me!

11. what aren't you good at? biting my tongue! LOL Ask anyone!

12. muffins? fresh baked blueberry
13. one of your wish list items? plane ticket to Paris France
14. the last thing you did? got kisses from the kitten while snuggling in my computer chair. Dial up here so it takes a bit of time for things to load up on my beast! LOL
15. your computer? ancient!
16. your pet? Buttons and Fou....both kittys!
17. you are wearing? grey tank top and yoga pants
18. your life? content for the most part with little moments of sheer joy and happiness that bubble to the surface
19. your mood? right now.. hungry!
20. missing? sunshine! Its been pouring rain since about 4am....I know that because Buttons woke me up by tapping my cheeks this morning to tell me she was getting rained on under the window! LOL
21. your car? I'm always in Eric's and its a Honda CRV
22. what are you thinking about now? I need to get off this puter and go make myself something to eat before my tummy growls so loud again....jeepers that just scared me! LOL
23. your work? dollie maker.....picture taker
24. your summer? pretty low key cept for finding old friends again in my life that never fail to make me laugh and smile!
25. your relationship status? Single but with connections! LOL
26. your favorite color(s)? the colors of Autumn! Love the rusts and golds
27. when is the last time you cried? last night laughing so hard with pam and Mom while looking at pictures online.....Gram told us we were being too loud...which only made us laugh louder! LOL
28. when was the last time you laughed? same as above! LOL
29. school? eons ago
30. favorite 90's group? my taste in tunes is too vast to pick just one! I love to listen to music!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bridget Bishop ~ by RKCreations

Karen of R&K Creations has outdone herself on this witch doll she has created. I sent her a message as soon as I saw her and told her that I wanted to blog about her!
Karen says she knew she wanted to try her hand at making a witch and sat down to do some research on the famous "Salem Witch Trials".
Once she started reading about Bridget Bishop.....she knew that was who she was going to base her creation on.
Check out Karen's auction and learn all about this woman who was accused of being a witch and had to pay with her life!
She would make an incredible addition to your Autumn decor.....go check out the auction!
Thanks Karen! I wish you the best of luck...... she is WICKED! ;)
Prim Blessings

Bowls and Annies

What a little treasure this website is!!!!
You know how someone will mention something and its not always something that is usually "YOU"?
Well that is actually what happened with this website.
More and more folks were mentioning this lady and her cute dolls. She sells patterns and even EPatterns! I thought.....well...... she creates dolls that aren't my usual style. She is new member to the Primmart community and has been such a cheery soul in her posts......I had to go check out her site.
WOW! She has some really wonderful doll patterns! She also let me know that she is working on some new ones as well. So take a few moments and go take a good look around.
You will find something to make you smile!
Tell her Cedara sent you over!
Prim Blessings!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Primitive Crafting Tutorials

Crafting Tutorials for many different things are now right at your fingertips!
New things are being added all the time and it is so awesome to hear feedback on the folks who have tired one of our crafting tutorials.

Something to learn for everyone!
From hand drawn eyes like pictured below that I've created step by step instruction how to use turning different primitive stain altered anything you can imagine really!

The PrimMart Learning Center Staff is working very hard to make this the ultimate place for all crafters to check out. Have you been there yet???
What are you waiting for?

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Blog Challenge ~ part 2


That is another collection that I have and just can't stop myself from adding to it. My father and grandmother both have an extensive collection. When my grandmother sold her home, her collection was broken up amongst the family members. I chose the amber bottles from her and my sister got to have all the blue ones. My collection also include such finds as this rare perfume bottle with the old fashioned label still on. Small pharmacy bottles in my collection as well..... blue poison bottles being my fave to find!

Antique bottle come in every shape and size. Seeing them clustered on a shelf or displayed in a window.....just makes me smile.

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Blog Challenge #1 - Show your collection

Some of us that "blog" were given a challenge! We were to post and share a picture of something we collect. This was really tough for me! LOL
I collect a few different things and couldn't narrow it down to just one thing. So I am actually going to share 2 of my faves with you.........


Oh how I adore this holiday and all the fun that comes with it. I have just a small amount of my collection showing in this photograph. I always had such a hard time with packing it all away for another year that I opted to find a way that I could display special aspects year round.
I asked Eric's father if he would make me a bookcase. He is so very talented and I knew he'd make me something amazing. When I told him that I needed a bookcase shaped like a coffin.....he rolled his eyes and laughed at me....but he built it!LOL

It makes for quite the conversation piece!!! LOL

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
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