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Monday, February 13, 2006

Linda Walsh's Blog

If you want to have a good read....this is an excellant blog to do so with. She writes wonderful articles full of interesting facts and history. They are splattered with her great sense of humor as well. There is always something amazing to read about on her blog!

Have fun! You'll be there for awhile! heehee

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Kristie's Kountry Kupboard

Blogger is fighting with me with adding pictures but i can still tel you all about her website! LOL

One of the things that grabbed my attention were her fabric roses! AWESOME! They'd be perfect for a display in a long basket! You have to check them out!
She also has everything from primitive pillows to dolls.

Check it out!
Tell her you read about her site in Cedara's blog!

Prim Blessings!
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BIG NEWS!!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!

I am so very excited....can ya tell? ! LOL

I am now going to be writing for another blog! I am going to be writing articles for PATTERNMART's blog! I'm so thrilled to be working with Kelle on this :)
She and I have been tossing ideas around already and you'll be seeing some articles in the very near future.
Its an amazing new blog that I think you should BOOKMARK so you'll always be able to find it!

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The Berry Cottage

If you want your home to look primitive in style....then you need to grab your bank card and run to this website! Take your cup of coffee with you because you are going to be there for awhile. So many AWESOME prim goodies to look at. Oh the wallpapers! The wooden bowls! I just kept going from one thing to another! heehee

Check it out!
Prim Blessings!

If you need something place better.....

If you are needing something cut from wood then there is no place better to order from then my friend Lisa's website.
She does awesome work and has so many different kits to get. I bet you won't be able to order just one! heehee
Go take a walk thru the wood chips and tell her that Cedara sent ya!

Prim Blessings!


The snow we got this weekend was just TOO MUCH! LOL I am so tired of winter coats....winter ice....UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

I want sunshine.......cute capri pants..... pastel pumps even! BRING ON SPRINGTIME!

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Have you seen these from Rachels Potpourri????

How awesome and prim is that display??? Doesn't it make ya want to clear off your diningroom table and make a display of your own to welcome SPRING!?!

My good friend Mari of is always coming out with something new and fantastic for the prim home. She has outdone herself with this batch of goodies!

There are pineapples, whole dried oranges, whole dried artichokes, yellow and green pear gourds in this mixture. I know I have a huge wooden platter stashed somewhere and I'm going to be searching for it soon to display this all in.

You make sure to scoot over to her website and take a peek at all of her goodies! This is under Botanicals. Her potpourri mixtures smell amazing and you should not forget to check those out as well.

Prim Blessing!

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Cheryl Seslar Designs

You can go to Cheryl's website and find links to ALL the places you can find her work! She is such a talent and I am blessed to call her a friend. She may have something already done that catches your eye or she can create something just for you. She is the one who creates FOU! heehee

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Want your home smelling great????

My really good friend Bernice has you covered! She makes the most amazing goodies. I just know that as soon as I show Eric the raspberrycheesecake candle....I'll be talking to her!LOL

Prim Blessings!



ePatterns have you banging your head on the wall???

Then my gal Deenie is who you have to contact! You send her your pattern information and she creates the pdf files for you! How simple is that?! She is super quick and so friendly and easy to work with. EPatterns could not get any more simple for you! LOL

Tell her Cedara sent ya! heehee

Prim Blessings!



Little LaniBugs's

If I am not buying shoes....I am buying jewlery! LOL and let me tell you that Susanne has such cute stuff! Oh I could go broke here!LOL

With spring and summer just around the best go stock up on some fantastic fun accents to your wardrobe:)

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Autumn Leighs

Autumn Leigh's Country Candle.
Owners Name: Amy Schramm
Hand Poured Highly Scented Primitive Country Candles, Fixins, Rusty Tinware, Accessories, Candle Care Items & So Much More!

All the best! Thanks for the exchange:)

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My Country Blessings

Country Blessings ~ Your place for handpoured candles, tarts, bath & body and so much more!

Thanks for the exchange! XO


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If you love something STITCHED......

You have got to scoot right over to Cinder's website and see what she has been stitching up. She does amazing work and I am very pleased to say that she has stitched some of my own doodles up!

You will just love her creations for your prim home!

Prim Blessings!



Prim Graphics and Raggedy Scrappin

I thought it was about time to get a banner made for my blog. I want to start exchanging links with some folks with it. I contacted Cheryl of
as she is the main creator of my banners.
I told her that it had to of course have Fou Kitty on it and something like a computer. She worked her magic and I just love my new banner!.
Look for it on links pages everywhere soon! LOL

If you have been thinking of getting a new banner for your website or even a whole new set of graphics.....Cheryl does amazing work! My website graphics are a custom set created by her.
I also am highly addicted to her other website

That place is chalk full of wonderful graphics that you can use for crafting and for business. You will not go away empty handed! LOL

Scoot over to her websites and check things out!
Prim Blessings!Cedara

Saturday Morning HELLO

WOW....the snowflakes are falling and they are HUGE. The sun is out though so its looking nice out. I have a bunch of stuff to tell you all so get comfy and sit back to read for awhile:)


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

John Quincy Adams ~ 6th US President

This is the creation that I made for the challenge! I thought he turned out not too bad at all and am really going to end up mising him when I have to mail him out to the lucky winner of the Ebay Auction.

His eyes gave me the most hassle but I think I have enough faith now that a few of my up and coming dolls for my website are going to have handpainted features:)

You can find him still up for auction....there is a few days left on him! Go check him out!


Ebay Challenge ~ US Presidents !!!!

Mary(AntyM) from the Ebay group FOAF that I belong to came up with this challenge.
Those of us willing to take the challenge had to pick a US President and create something in celebration of Presidents Day(Feb 20).

Seemed simple enough right?

ROFTFLMAO......... NO it wasn't!


Ok....... so I wouldn't say I "love them" ........but I do get a bit of a rush when someone challenges me to do something outside of my everyday routine. Sometimes its easy as pie. Other times I am like " WHAAAAAAT?"

I have been challenged the last little while TWICE now.
Ready to hear about them?
When was the last time you challenged yourself?


Sunshine and snowflakes

Well it may be bitter cold out but the sunshine is some bright! That alone has me smiling.
Seeing sunshine and feeling it on your skin when you sit in front of the window....oh so good!
I can imagine that I am not seeing the snowflakes falling at the same time! LOL

Crazy weather the last little while! LOL