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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Whispers from the Past (June)

I am blessed to be writing articles for Beneath the Willow Tree. It's a wonderful online newsletter for folks that love Primitives. I have been blessed to be given a monthly article to write called Whispers from the Past. Thank you so much Toni for believing in my writing:) xo

Please feel free to check my whole article out at
The newsletter comes out the first of every month.
Here is a small snippet of what I wrote for June.......

" Some days it was idle curiosity that drew me up those attic stairs.I'd linger for hours With shadows dancing across wooden slated walls,I'd gaze upon my reflection in an old mirror that hung in one area.It wasif I belonged to the ghosts in the attic.
Closing my eyes.... listening for a soft whisper .... I remember finding an old wooden crate........"

WALK for MS 2005

My mother has suffered with MS for 10 years now. Some days have been way worse then others for her. She now always walks with a cane. This year she decided she wanted to partake in the Walk for MS and raise money for research. The family supported her choice and we formed a team. "Not DUNN Walking" was our name and the walk took place this past Sunday in Yarmouth NS.
The sky was over cast but it didn't rain heavy on us for the most part. The walk was 6KM in length. We were told that at any time we could stop and return to the starting point. Not to push ourselves. Mom was determined to do this walk!
I am beyond proud to say she did the whole walk!
She was the last to finish it but got a standing ovation when she walked into the school at the end. We all cried. It was awesome! My mother was not going to give up even though the last part of it really took a toll on her body. Her hand was numb from leaning on her cane. Her legs had gone numb. She would not climb in the support van and be driven back. She walked the whole thing.

She was amazing!
We as a team managed to raise just shy of $1000 for MS research.
I hope next year to celebrate a CURE!!!!


Was I having a hallucination today?????

Could have swore I saw SUNSHINE today!
It has rained like for 15 days straight but today I saw blue sky in patches and felt a bit of warmth from the sun beaming thru my curtains! Its supposed to be sunny for the next few days....yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
The rain had just beat any creativity right out of me:(

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Being Creative Pt 2

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Being creative makes me smile.........

This is one of the latest dolls that I have created.She is sitting on my nightstand right now. Every now and then when I catch a glance of her from the corner of my eye..... I just chuckle. I love how whimsical I stitched her face. Some times it's good to step back from what is thought of as the "norm" and just go with what your heart pushes for. Doing the face is one of the most creative aspects of doll making. You can say so much without ever uttering a word. Someone can glance at her face and know the mood I was in while she was created. Her hair going in all directions. So wild and free.Her small button eyes....two different sizes and yet still matched.Her nose created from X's.....which in my own way of thinking was maybe formed from kisses from my heart.
Hmmmmmm...... that whole thought when I just read it again.....jolted me. I just grabbed my sketchbook and drew a sample of .........well.........I am sure you will be seeing her soon!I was just can just never really tell when its going to happen! LOL

If Primitives are your thing...............

Make sure to take a walk thru my LINKS!
I have made a list of some of my more fave prim spots on the world wide web.
Different forums and places that I belong to that bring a smile to my face.

Some I frequent on a more regular basis then others. You can find me at least a few times a week at all of them though. The friends that I have had walk into my life from these places make me smile every day.

I plan on every once in awhile showcasing a friends make sure to stop back often!
You may find a site you've never seen before. You may see your own website being talked about:)

I don't think Noah saw this much rain!

Nova Scotia was hit with yet another day of raining cats and dogs. The puddles are so huge you could lose your car. Living on a dirt road right now is not the best either. YUCK!
Our grass is lush and green which is nice. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I seem to be in the minority of those that don't suffer from allergies too bad..... no hate mail please! LOL
Grass that has been freshly cut is such a welcome smell of springtime. Can't help but smile at it.
The sun is supposed to show its face on thursday and I really do hope so....I think I found mold growing behind my knees!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Blessed :)

Spent quite a bit of today thinking about how blessed I am and in the many different ways.

~ the day was blah out so I knew we weren't going to have many folks travel our dirt road to stop in to see I was blessed to spend the whole day in my comfy clothes! LOL
Hoped it would spark being creative if I was comfy.....didn't feel any spark of any sort! ROFL

~Blessed to have my shop...... spent some time today making tips up to help those just starting out with their Ezshoppes. Been getting asked lots of questions and thought I'd see how many I could answer.

~ Blessed with friendships...... was able to write something today that could have blown up in my face just as quickly as it spun in a great way instead. Everyone is a great enough friend that they knew where I was coming from in my writings and took nothing to heart in a mean way.

~Blessed with frienships PT2...... to turn my computer on and "see" so many friendships blossoming before my very eyes. I belong to quite a few different forums and each day brings those friendships closer to my heart.

~Blessed with family...... talked to my aunt tonight and to hear the laughter in her voice made my heart smile:) Laughing and being foolish with my parents and my grandmother.
My cheeks hurt from all the laughter that took part in today:)

Thanks for the NUDGE :)

Just a quick shout out to my friend Donna......who so wonderfully pointed out to me today that I hadn't written in this yet. I only just started it and have been working sort of "behind the scenes" on it. Have looked into getting myself an image to link my blog back with.
Want something special with Fou kitty.....LOL....of course! Not really shocked are ya?

Poured rain today so wasn't feeling as productive as I really could have been. Been away for almost 2 weeks so looking at everything piled up on my bed that now needs to be put away...UGH!

The room is my bedroom/sewing room/craftingspace all wrapped into one. It works super as everything is within arms reach! LOL But it can quickly take on a life of its own if I let things slide too long.
I am pretty sure I have seen things walking around themselves. I really need to sit down tomorrow and get organized and straightened up.

Fingers crossed it happens!!!!!!!! ROFL

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This is going to be a blast!

I got introduced to the world of Primitives a few years ago and have never looked back.
To be able to take a simple piece of fabric and draw upon, sew and stuff it until a creation just sort of comes to life from it.....still amazes me.

I plan on sharing many examples of my work and the tips and techniques that I use to create different things.

LOL You also will get to read along with everything else happening in my life at the same time!

hang on.....this can be quite the ride!

This is my website logo....if you see this kitty on something....I have created it:) Posted by Hello
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