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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Weekend craft for you all!

I think this makes such a great decoration for the upcoming season! Take a bucket and spray paint it orange. Take some black paint and give him a JOL face!

Plant a great big array of fall flowers like mums that come in such wonderful fall colors. Set him on your doorstep and smile every time you see him!


Moonbeams and dreaming....

Moonbeams and dreams! This little lady can be found on my website
and I am excited to say there is going to be a small series of them!

I was sent this wonderful gold fabric in a swap and I have always known I wanted to create moons with it. Just couldn't figure out the rest of the creation!

She was inspired by a tiny ornie made for me by a friend(Thank you Sarah!). I drew her out and created her like a small version of the dolls I do now.
It was tough! She is only 8 inches.

I LOVE how she turned out though!
Like I mentioned....a few more in this "moon beam series"..... a hint for the next is a bewitching season soon!


Another Faceless Prim for you all :)
You can find this faceless prim doll at my booth at the Faire!
I have a few different gals up right now in my booth and will be adding more all month!
Make sure to stop by and take a peek!

LOTS of great artists are having a booth!


Hexy the witch

With the bewitching season soon upon us....made this fun gal! Her nose is prim! LOL

Played around with some PSP features as well to create the picture. Really having some fun with all that.

You can find Hexy in my booth at the Primitive Artisans Faire! I am so excited!



Been doing this set of exercises with the exercise ball and let me tell abs are felling it!
Give it a'll see the difference!
(even if you don't own an exercise ball...use a kids beach ball or basketball!)

Hold the ball with the side of your legs and ankles.
Reach up and touch the ball. I try to do this 20 times.


Anything good on tv???

We didn't watch alot of tv but some shows we tried not to miss. CSI being one of those shows. Fou was walking around crying and talking to himself.(He's a very chatty cat!)

I told him to get up on the sofa and shhh cause we were getting ready to watch tv. He jumped right up next to Eric JUST LIKE THIS and stayed for the whole hour!

Crazy cat!


First ever picture of Fou Kitty!

I am always hearing folks tell me they love to see pictures of Fou kitty. I have no shortage of pictures of my baby to share! LOL

I was actualy away to my sisters place for halloween and Eric called and told me about this kitten. I was really nervous cause I already owned Mao who was full grown and we think part dragon! He sent me this picture and there was NO WAY that he was not coming to live with us!

So folks......this picture began the FOU KITTY LOVE! LOL


House sitting....... do it alot! LOL

Our friends were going away for a few days and asked Eric if he could house sit for them. He called me up and asked to join him. I have the car full of my crafting supplies and we are heading over there soon. Its such a great relaxing spot! I actually get alot of work done there! heehee

They told us there is now a path right down to the beach behind there place with some benches that have been made. I'll have to make sure we go down and take some pictures to share!


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bored with your tacks????

I got moving things around my room today including my bullentin boards. Looked at my thumb tacks and thought...I am going to have some fun with those. Some old marbles and some strong hotglue....presto! You could glue anything to the tack though...think of the fun you could have!

New tacks that are much more fun!

Tiny Teddy :)

My friend Angie from Threads of Eve created this tiny teddy bear and has him up on Ebay for auction. Isn't his little face just so sweet????????
Oh he makes me smile! I knew right away that I wanted to blog about him and see how many folks I could send her way to check him out!
Make sure you tell her that Cedara sent ya!

Oh and don't forget to check out Angie's website as well...she does amazing work with a crochet needle! I sure couldn't do it....she does awesome work!


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Everyone needs a Pumpkin sweater!

Since Fou's birthday is was only fitting that he wear this pumpkin sweater for a picture! He is way too large for it now but its one of my fave pics of him!
I am using it as the link picture in my signatures on forums to link back to my blog! heehee


Slapping on some paint.......

I think I am going to go root thru the pile of old barn boards that is outback (behind the playhouse for my nieces). I did this saltbox painting awhile ago and my aunt now has it hanging in her home. I have been feeling like doing some more :)

Think I should do some paintings????


I blink....and there are MORE!!!!!!!!!

Dolls in various stages of being finished! They are taking over my room!LOL


I'll show it to friends! I'll show it to complete strangers!

I'll show my ad from Country Marketplace to anyone! I am so excited about having this ad!
This is the doll that is showing for the 2 issues of Country Marketplace that I am in.
The ad is for the upcoming Primitive Artisans Faire and we are looking forward to quite the turn out!

Hope to see you there!

My booth is called Thru the Attic Door and I will have all new Autumn themed creations for you to have for your home!
August 29-September 30 2005


Blast from the past..........

Was going thru my files this week and came across this picture! I had made these for a Halloween swap and when I saw the picture again....yup.....going to create a few more!

The cat was so much fun to create and I already have the perfect tags to use.

I have a few antique bobbins left so I am also going to make a couple small witches as well!

Be on the lookout for them in my shop this bewitching season!

(Hey Lisa! Where do you have these?)


I can't believe it stays so stiff!

I had heard mention of this before but could never find it around here.
I am now addicted to this stuff and want to modge podge everything I can find.
I am having so much fun with it. I got glossy and its really is quite amazing the effect to some of my newest creations.
How have I ever lived without using this stuff???


What is in your pocket?????

Well it just might be the latest fun thing to create!


ATC are hot collectables right now, a brilliant idea sort of born of the older sports-themed trading cards. There is really only one rule..... SIZE! It can only be 2.5"x3.5", or 64x89mm.
And another "unwritten" rule is that they can't be sold...only traded.

I hope to create some cards this week and will share them here for you all.
Any themes you might like to see me create and work around?
Any of you ever make any yourself? i'd love to see them!

Here is a great website to check out!


Party is over~ BACK TO WORK!

Ok so now that my party weekends are over....I am getting serious about my sewing again.
Have lots of new gals heading to my shop soon. The autumn season that is next upon us is my fave and I have felt inspiration in a few fun ways. I hope you'll enjoy everything!
Keep your eyes never know when something will be added.

Well...... actually.....if you are on my mailing'll know first!


Till next time.........

11 months and counting untill they return from China for good and all the fun can begin again!

Thanks for a summer so full of memories! OXXO



Love the effect the lighting and movement gave this picture!


and then they played............

Eric rewired his bass so that Grant could play it(left handed). Calvin brought up his drum set and Jesse brought his yellow guitar. Moved things around the garage to make room and the music started!
Hours of tunes were played....... the picnic table was moved from the backyard over to the garage so we'd all have a place to sit. Kids were huddled under blankets...some seeing live music for the very first time!
Dancing took place on the table top!



The wipeout would happen and then all you could hear was laughter!


Water Fun....part 3

Grant switched to the tube!


Water Fun....part 3

Grant didn't fare so well on the water skies! A few short seconds after this picture was taken of him coming out of the water.....nose dived right into the water!


Water Fun....... part 2

Calvin thought he'd give the water skies a try and did really well even though it had been quite afew years since he'd been on any!


Grab your life jacket!!!!!!

There was a speed boat this weekend!So the boys spent a crazy afternoon and gave us many laughs!

Hang on Jesse!


The Last Hoorah !!!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend was the last time we'd be getting together with our friends who were home from China.
We went up to her brothers place on a lake just past Aylesford and set up our tents.
What took place after that...... a weekend full of so much laughter and fun that my cheeks still hurt!
(Jesse outside our tents in the backyard)

I love you guys!XOXO


Miss me?????????

You'd think I fell off the face of the earth! I can't believe that I have let so much time slip by without writing in this! From now on....someone send me an email and tell me to write something! LOL
Hope you are comfy and have poured yourself a good drink....we have LOTs to catch up on!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Small Business Idea Forum

Ok so I am beyond excited about sharing this site with you all.
While doing some research tonight for "small business tips".....I stumbled across this site!
I am going to join tomorrow and see what great advice they can share with me.
They have forums for so many great topics....its going to become a fantastic resource spot for my website.

Hope to see some familiar faces there soon!


did you hear that??? I heard it go PING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PING! That's right....PING!
If you are someone who has a blog..... and you are wanting folks to be able to find your blog....then you have to be "pinging" your blog.
Pinging your latest entry is something every blogger should do immediately after writing one.
Simply put.... it's letting the search engines, RSS feeds, and other interested blog sites know that your blog has been updated.

I use a free site and so far its been working just fine for me!

Get your blog out where folks can start finding you and learning all about what you are writing about:)


Get addicted!!!!!!!

The key to writing............... is to write and develop a habit.
I used to write all the time and then stopped for reasons that don't matter much now.
Started writing my newsletter for my website and it "sparked my soul".
I was wanting to write more and more.
Folks were commenting to me that they enjoyed my style of writing and what I was talking about in my newsletters.
The newsletter comes out once a month and I soon found myself thinking....I need to write more often then that! LOL
A friend of mine sent an email and his blog address was included in the note. My interest was peeked! So spent the next little while learning about blogging. This has now exploded into so much fun! LOL

~ how often are you able to write?
~ how often will you REALLY sit down to write?
~ how many topics off the top of your head can you think to write about?
~ if only chosing ONE topic.....can you write more then just a few articles about it?

Writing is a big commitment but so fullfilling in the long run.
My creativity level is soaring right now. So many ideas have come about from seeing something and wanting to either write about it or create it myself. Things are altered and born again in my imagination. I want to share so much with so many! LOL


So since reading have started your own??

It makes me smile to get the emails from folks saying that because of reading my blog...they have now started their own. That is such a compliment! THANK YOU!

It really is quite simple to do. Some are doing it to aid in the business.
Some are opting to chat about their hobbies. Some are blogging about their homelife.
Its all FUN!

Mine is of course hosted thru
Its FREE and we all love that.
Its simple enough to follow that I think anyone can write a blog.
The more computer knowledge you have, the more in depth your blog can become.
I like mine SIMPLE. LOL

I will now start sharing some "blogging tips" since quite a few of you readers are blogging now too:) Make sure to share your blog page with me...... I would love to read them!


Autumn Inspirations

I am always looking for inspiration for my creative side.
Sometimes I will see something and it sparks me.
Sometimes I will hear something and it sparks the same cord.
Autumn is my all time fave season and so many different things about this season inspire me!

Some inspirations for you........

* pumpkins *ravens *cresent moon * monsters
* oak leaves *squash * full moon *ghosts
* maple leaves * jack o'lanterns *black cats *tombstones
* reds * witches *frost *chains
* golds * brooms *trees *sweaters
* scarecrows * toads *books *grasshoppers
* hay stack *cauldrons *pumpkin pie * bats
* crows * stars * turkeys *spiders


Stuffed! Stuffed! Stuffed!

Been busy creating some new which you all will be seeing anyday now if I can get a good picture of them taken......and thought I'd pass along some "stuffing tidbits".

~Tease the stuffing before using it. (I pull the clump of stuffing into tiny pieces and do this a few times)

~Place stuffing into your creations by SMALL PIECES at a time......avoids lumps.

~Always fill any pointy bits (fingers, toes, ears, beaks, etc.) first. Then fill the rest of the space.


Perseid meteor showers

I just love this time of the year because of the great view of these showers we seem to get.
Starting tonight and going for 3 days(approx) we are going to be able to see a huge increase in the number of "shooting stars" in our sky.
Some report that as many as 80 meteors per hour under ideal circumstances (no clouds or moon, dark sky, stars of magnitude +6.5 just visible). I see that I will be spreading out my blanket and laying out under the nights sky...........wonder how many we'll be able to see and count?

For more information......


Time Warp

Not quite sure how it happened.....well....I know part of it was hanging out both weekends away from a computer.....but it seems that quite a bit of time has lapsed since I blogged about anything. My sister so kindly mentioned last night when she called that it had been awhile and she wanted to read something new! LOL

So...... for her......and for you all............. lets BLOG!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

and my fingers keep on typing...........

I have also been asked to write for another wonderful newsletter!
Jennifer of and I did some talking and I am now writing
some articles for her newsletter as well.

She offers some of the most mouth watering foods I have ever seen. Please make sure to stop by her website and check them out. Sign up for her newsletter and you can read more of my writings a few times a month:)


August Issue~ Beneath the Willow Tree

".............. Fallen maple leaves twisted and spun at my workboots as I walked thru the barn door. I brushed a loose piece of hair that had fallen and lay across my face.The atmosphere around me shifted. A fragment of something from the corner of my eye caught my attention. I glanced over and the Whisper swirled around me. It stood against the barn wall... stained by time.............."

That is a small snippet of my August article that I wrote for Beneath the Willow Tree. I am having such a wonderful time writing these articles. The feedback from you all has been so beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you so much for the support.

To read my full article
and click on Whispers from the Past.


Custom Dolls........ part 2

A wonderful lady named Cheryl sent me an email and asked for a doll wearing certian colors and holding a crow. I had so much fun creating this little lady. From her sheeps wool hair to her prim pinch style nose. Her crow even wears a hang tag.

I hope she brings a smile everytime she is looked at.


Custom Dolls Created....... part1

Created this little gal stitching in exchange for some fragrance oils. What a beyond awesome deal that turned out to be! just the smell of some of the scents has me creating different dolls that you all will be seeing really soon!

Thank you so much Karen of for the wonderful trade! You blessed me with your friendship at the same time:)


Nightime fun at the beach

Campfire roaring..... marshmallows have been toasted. The banjo is out and songs are being played. Drinks are being made and there is no storage of LAUGHTER happening.

(L-R: Eric, Jesse, Carole, Grant and Calvin)


Beach and sunset

This is Grant with Lydia on the beach that morning. The sun was out and it was so calm. We all looked for critters in the seaweed.Eric found us some really fast moving crabs. One clipped his finger! We watched periwinkles on the rocks. We skipped smooth flat rocks into the bay!
The sunsets from here have been amazing! The clouds and colors.
The waters edge.



Black and white has such a simple beauty.

Grant and Carole took this picture and it just haunts me! I love this picture!

This shows Grant's sister Karen holding a sleeping Lydia and softly kissing her forehead.

oh to be so cute again in a bikini!

I am beyond jealous! LOL

Lydia cruising the deck looking oh so cute!


My Morning View!

Fell asleep to the sound of the water lapping against the beach rocks below. The single loon all night long calling out. Stars shooting across the night sky.
Woke and unzipped this window on the the wild grass and flowers blowing in the gentle breeze.
The water of the bay so blue.
Not a cloud in the sky.

Oh what a beautiful weekend for weather!


Our weekend "Home Sweet Home"

The bugs were thick friday night so we scooted over to the store on Saturday and picked up some tiki lights. Eric filled them with some special liquid to help fight against skitters!LOL
Made a world of difference!
Room in the tent for 6 people so Eric and I had TONS of room. We had our air mattress and sleeping bags. All our gear was inside. I slept like a baby!


Amazing weekend of Memories!

We set our tent up in the front yard and had ourselves a wickedly fun time with friends! I have such sore muscles still from all the laughing that we all did.

The guys are all friends of Eric's from highschool and they have remained really close thru the years. Always doing their best to get together for a big gathering if at all possible. Since Grant and family were home visiting from China this summer.....this past weekend was that gathering!

This was friday night and from bottom left to right is......

Jordan holding Lydia;Aunt Karen holding Gabe; Carole is in my lap; and Eric is out front.

Back row: Grant; his mom Pat; and Calvin