Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, June 30, 2008

Friends on Facebook

When I happened to stumble across this cartoon I laughed so hard! I am on Facebook and am one of many that LOVES being on it. It took me awhile and a number of invites from some friends before I started. I just didn't want to devote time to yet another place online. Little did I know the sheer joy it would bring me.
I have managed to find so many wonderful friends from my past. Just when I think I've "found" everyone that I could think of....someone else seems to walk out of my past. I am not a fan of all the crazy applications that can very quickly take over your page if you aren't careful. I don't need to be a cyber vampire or pirate etc.
My joy comes from seeing their albums of snapshots showing me glimpses into their lives again after so many years. I love the writing quick messages on the walls.
I have even created my own "Facebook Page" dedicated to my website!
It was very easy to set up and folks can become "fans" of my website.
I share snapshots and let everyone know some of the latest things happening with the website.
Come become a FAN of Thru the Attic Door!
I'd love to hear from you!

If Ants had Cameras......

is this what they might see??? LOL
Spent some time at my sister's home and I was outside with my nieces in her garden. I was sitting on the grass with my camera on the ground in my hand. I looked down and thought....hmmm....if I snapped a photo, what would be seen?
We then spent an hour having fun snapping different angles in the different flowers.....just as if we were ants with cameras! heehee

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Antique Wooden Spools

On my last trip to Kansas City, MO to attend Primmart's Convention, I was lucky enough to score some antique wooden spools. I'd seen them in jars before in snapshots that folks shared of their prim styled homes. I wanted some. I really had no idea what I was going to do with them once I had them...I just knew I wanted some.
While checking out all the glorious antique shoppes with some Primmart sistas....SCORE! Inside a shop filled to the brim with just about everything you could imagine from every era that comes to mind...... was a shelf along the floor that held about a dozen very large glass jars. Inside the jars were these spools.
Sherry of and I freaked!LOL
She and I split the jar full of goodies as there were so many in the jar. I've now had them over a year and have just recently brought them out again to start looking at. I have a few ideas for them that I hope will come to fruit soon.
I promise to post pictures!
Hey Sherry.....what did you do with your spools??? heehee

Birthday Blessings

A very special person in my life has a birthday today.
I wish great joy, kindness and laughter in the year ahead.
Always there for me when needed.
Forever holds my heart



Do you play?? I have it on my computer and find it a wonderful way to relax my mind. Endless games have been played. I love the look of the tiles and can escape into this game for hours.
A friend has an actual antique Mahjong tile set and I always forget to have him show it to me closer. I'd love to play a game using the real thing. He was showing someone else and I was busy in a conversation with another person. Must remember to mention it next time I'm over there.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the skies opened upon us......

We had been needing the rain and well got some! The skies darkened quickly. You could smell the rain in the air before a single drop even began to fall from the skies. I have to admit that I love that little window of time just before a storm strikes. The energy in the air.
The drops started falling and continued to fall for almost 24 hours straight! The gardens around the house greedily drank it all up.
We had some wicked snaps of thunder that literally shook the windows of the house. Buttons Kitty was NOT near as impressed with the storm as I was. She'd have hid under bed if I had space there! LOL
Even managed to lose power for a few hours.
Somehow the storm brought about a calm to me that I didn't even know I had been needing.
Blessings to Mother Nature for stepping in when needed most!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Computer Area

The finished result!~LOVE IT ALL

My "Geek Squad"

Eric and our friend Calvin working on all the pieces.
Then we spent the better part of the day switching files from old computer onto it PLUS all the new programming that Eric had picked up for me.
This new set up is smoking! LOL
Thanks fellas! ya rock!

Computer Upgrade

My computer was on its last breath. It had been a hand me down from Eric when he had upgraded his. It was years out of date. I use a computer for so many different aspects of my life. I needed a new computer. was my birthday! ;)

A trip to Dartmouth to see Eric for a few days(while also seeing my sister and her family so it was a win/win situation for me in all ways!) Eric bought me a new computer.

To start we picked out a laptop but took it back within 48 hours once we really looked at things.It really wasn't what I needed. He opted to get all the pieces and build me a system from scratch.

*INTEL Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz FSB 800MHz 2MB LGA775 Dual Core


*Super*Talent T8UX2GC5 DDR2-800 2GB(2x1GB)CLS5 S-RIGID

*Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3450 512MB DVI/VGA PCI-E Video card

*WD Caviar SE-16/SATA-ll 2500KS 250GB 7200RPM,16MB,SATA-ll

*LG GSAH55N Black DVD+RW(20X+)Dual layer OEM w/software

*NIKAO 1285B(Black) Mid-tower case with front USB2.O/Audio ports 450 P.S.

*LOGITECH Cordless Desktop EX110(Keyboard &Mouse)

Which I am sure means something to those of you that are computer geeks cause it all made Eric's eye glaze over.....but to me just means I ended up with a computer that is wicked awesome again!

And the price was good enough that I also managed to get a new computer desk/hutch as well. I was beyond spoiled for my birthday! heehee


Birthday Wishes

Today is my 37th birthday!
I have been going around the house humming "its my birthday" all day and driving family crazy. Am celebrating low key this year. No big family gatherings or anything.
Subway sandwiches for dinner and going to watch a movie that caught my fancy on tv.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Staring at the ceiling

I would not wish this on my worst enemy! I've heard folks say that they suffer with this from time to time. I actually used to think....well just can you not be tired enough to sleep?
I was beyond tired and yet could NOT get any sleep. I'm not sure why it started. I am fairly used to staying up till midnight or 1am. Always able to fall right to sleep soon as my head touched my pillow.
Something snapped! Laying on my bed, tossing and turning. Fluffing pillows and shaking quilts.
Wearing jammies. Not wearing anything. Talking to myself about being able to get to sleep.
Reading in bed. Listening to soft music for an hour or so before heading to bed.
Or I would fall asleep only to awaken like every 40 minutes all night long. UGH
When I can lay in bed and watch the sun RISE.....that is a huge problem! LOL
This went on for about 2 weeks and then as strangely as it came on.....its now left me.
I am back to a wonderful nights slumber........zzzzzzzzzzzzz


So I let some time slip by and before I knew it.....I was actually nervous about starting back up with my blog.

Did I really have enough to still talk about and have folks be interested in reading?? Had too much time gone by? Where would I start? Did I need to catch you all up on what had kept me away?

I figured that I was just going to jump right back into the mix. Over the next while you will no doubt hear bits and pieces about whats been happening.

I'm just going to get into my usual rambling and hope that enough of you still opt to read it all.