Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday (Part One)

Had an incredible birthday weekend. My birthday this year fell on Friday. Mom and I had a driving lesson and then went to Pizza Delight as my meal was FREE. heehee  Then I came back to the farmhouse and my honey had made me an awesome tasty speghetti supper. The next day started off overcast but it was putting a damper on my birthday mood. My sister and her family were coming down to help with the celebrating.
My nieces making biscuit pizza......... you take Pilsbury Biscuits and flatten them right out. Squirt a drop of pizza sauce, add pepperoni and a slice of cheese. Gather the dough all up over top and then place in a baking dish. Bake for 15 minutes and voila....tasty!!!!
A few games of Scrabble got played which we always enjoy. (Notice the birthday tiaras? heehee)
That is me in the grey sweater, my sister in the middle and Mom in the orange shirt.

I am not a huge fan of cake per say. I mean I of course will eat it but I was in the mood for something different. So we opted to make our own banana splits in waffle bowls. OH YEAH!!!

The things you discover while renovating an old farmhouse

This old newspaper is stuck to the ceiling in our kitchen. It's way too fragile to attempt to take down and save. We found numerous smaller sections stuck here and there. It's in a difficult place to access so taking photos is tricky.

Friday, October 23, 1891

A few farms are listed for sale.....wish it has shown the price.
You can still read this local newspaper every week. We do sometimes snap up an issue if a headline has caught our attention while waiting in the grocery lineup. Maybe we need to pick up a few to add to the ceiling for those that might discover it years down the road to enjoy.

Wish He'd learn to Stuff

Over the last few days, I managed to draw, sew and cut out enough muslin pieces to end up making 20 new dolls that will be making their debut this coming week. I spent the evening sitting on the sofa and stuffing while watching a few different shows online. I'd turn the piece right side out and stuff stuff stuff. Once it was stuffed hard enough, I'd toss it over onto the loveseat next to me. I had quite the pile of arms, legs, and doll bodies happening. Went downstairs for a quick moment and when I made my way back to the sofa......this is what I found.

Tigger had climbed up onto the loveseat and was snoring in the midst of all the parts. Lumpy, bumpy and somehow the most comfortable spot in the house to take a catnap.