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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creative Writing Course

I've finally done it! I am in the midst of a Creative Writing course. I've managed to talk myself out of trying one for a while and finally just thought...enough is enough.
So I asked around and found
I am taking Writeriffic:Creative Training for Writers.
So far...... loving it!
There were more folks that had a number of other courses already under their belts but I have a wonderful cheering team who keep pushing me when I stumble.

Hurricane Bill hits Nova Scotia

My sister took these photos the day after Hurricane Bill came across Nova Scotia. The winds were still very high as you can see from the waves crashing against the rocks at the Cole Harbour Lighthouse

Summer Lupins

Took this photo out at my Exhusbands home...I am going to attempt to paint a watercolor version of this image.

Custom Dolls Created

Some quick pictures of a few custom primitive dolls that I have made. A family friend was visiting from BC and she was taking them back as gifts :)

Bear River Nova Scotia

Bear River Nova Scotia ..... my hometown that still manages to take my breath away.

Bear River Visits

My sister and her family were down for a visit at the same time that my youngest cousin Loran was up from Virginia. He'd not been back home for 4 years.
This is Loran with my 2 nieces

Some neighbours up the road

They all looked so peaceful.....

Just standing out in the field...... Moooooooo

Summer Sunlight

Punch Needle Threads

SCORE! haha
Cindy handed me a brown paper bag and inside were all these spools of thread. OH how I jumped with joy! I have been drawing out a few new punchneedle patterns to create this Autumn once the weather cools down.

Old mason jar

While shopping in one of the MANY antique shops that we went into, I stumbled upon this antique mason jar and it was filled with Scrabble tiles. I scooped it right up and am looking forward to creating a few new pendants in the Autumn.
The jar isn't full in this snapshot as I shared with Sherry....she pouted as I nabbed the jar first! haha

Amish Basket

Wouldn't be right for me to return home from a Primmart Convention without another wonderful handmade Amish basket for my growing collection.
This sits next to my desk and holds important file folders. I just love it

Homeward Bound

After the four days spent in PA, I was heading back home to Nova Scotia. Spending nearly the whole time laughing and not sleeping....wears a gal out, ya know ;)

Amish Way of Life

I could fill the pages of my blog with the number of buggy photos I took. I find them to be such a calming image to take.

More photos from Primmart Convention 2009

This Amish man was plowing the field with his team of horses. The little horse was loose and was a sheer joy to watch as he jumped about in front of the team.

Retro Blogging

A bunch of wonderful primitive friends gathered in Lancaster PA for another fantastic Primmart Convention.
A weekend of laughter, crafting, eating and much more laughter. The memories always make me giggle and smile.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dating is Hell.....a wicked funny blog!!!!!

I'm going to give you a few moments to go and BOOKMARK that blog.
Not even 100% sure how I managed to stumble across her blog that first time. Blog jumping I'm sure. (Its how I find most of the blogs I like to read on a regular basis now)
The style that she writes.....struck a cord with me.
I was laughing out loud for real.
I have been known to QUOTE her to friends! haha
I told my closest friends about her blog...... and now we all having this running joke amongst ourselves about a guy on a pony with chocolate cake and lots of vodka being drank.
Go read her'll understand ;)
Her blog is not for the faint of heart. She really shoots right from her hip and tells things straight up. She is even known to swear. If you are looking for some serious laughter though..... be will spend the whole evening reading every post she's ever made.

Harper's Island

OMGoodness! Shake your head at me...I don't care! haha I am LOVING this show!!!!
Its been the perfect hour long escape each week. I thought I was beginning to know who the killer might be but then was tossed a curve ball.
Its just cheesy enough to make ya laugh at times while two seconds later making ya jump! haha
Who else will admit they are watching???
Have you got someone picked out as the killer???

Silly kitty

I was working the other day on my computer and from behind me I kept hearing these weird sounds. I turned around in my chair and giggled.
It was like Buttons Kitty has just discovered she had a tongue! haha
She "say" something to me.....and stick her tongue out!
I couldn't stop laughing. I grabbed my camera and snapped this photo quick.

My Vice

*rolling my eyes*

YES....I am well aware that I actually have a number of different vices that at some point should be looked at closer.....but for now I am going to focus my attention on this one.

Drinking Pepsi.

The snap of that cold, from the fridge, chilled can. The sprinkle of teeny bubbles that burst forth and at times shot up my nose.

The bouncing on the edge of my bed whilst I'm trying to fit into my jeans....yeah yeah yeah...... I'm thinking I need to halt this vice and soon.
Summer is here and I can drink gallons of ice cold water and other yummy ways to quench my thirst.

Just let me finish this mouthful of Pepsi....... it would be rude to waste it....I already poured it in my glass! ;)

Tracy(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2

Opps! Time lapse again

I never mean to let so much time lapse between posts but sometimes LIFE just really spins ya around by your tail.

Back on track!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Musical Muse

Anyone that knows me knows that music is something that encircles me at almost all moments. Its quite rare for there to be the sound of silence about me.
Now I also am known to have a very diverse range of who I enjoy listening to. I usually have a mix of folks placed on my MP3 player at any one time and just let it play.
Right now....I have to admit that I'm stuck on this new cd! haha
Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Their song "please read the letter" has switched something in my head. I could just listen to them sing that song over and over. I saw the video to it as well and I think now when I hear the song....I mentally am filling the house up as if it was mine! haha
The snap is taken from the video....I want that window and door!
Have you heard this cd??? I can't be the only one going crazy for the magical blending of their voices. I never would have thought I'd like the sound and yet its incredible!

Coming to Life

heck.... a quick peek won't hurt..... heehee

Wonder who at Primmart Convention will end up with them??


Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru the Attic Door and Thru the Attic Door 2

Sewing and Stuffing

This batch of primitive dolls is done and finished! I can't show them in their final state just yet....they are prizes and gifts for at the Primmart Convention!!!!
Hope everyone will love them! heehee
I sure had a blast creating them :)


You have to be living under a rock I think to have not heard of this wonderfully talented blogger.
Dooce is a blog that I read DAILY!
Can't recall just how I stumbled across her in the first place but I can't imagine not reading Heather's blog now.
A small blurb ... "This website chronicles my life from a time when I was single and making a lot of money as a web designer in Los Angeles, to when I was dating the man who would become my husband, to when I lost my job and lived life as an unemployed drunk, to when I married my husband and moved to Utah, to when I became pregnant, to when I threw up and became unbearably swollen during the pregnancy, to the birth, to the aftermath, to the postpartum depression that landed me in a mental hospital. I'm better now.".......


There are days that I really feel like that! haha
When I was first told about Facebook, I joined thinking it would turn out to be one of the sites that I jardly find the time to go to. Oh was I so beyond wrong!
I have reconnected with some wonderful old friends and its such a simple way to stay in touch. I'm on dial up so to have friends send emails full of photos is so very hard and frustrating. This way I can just flip thru their albums on FB and see whats been happening in their lives. I love that.
I belong to a few different forums and they have strict rules that need to be followed. I fully understand and agree. I have been teased by friends that know me in both spots that they love when I alter my FB status! haha Lets just say....I have not much holding me back from what I post ;)
Are you on Facebook??
Are you addicted??
Friend me! haha

Cedara the chicken

This is Cedara the chicken now! She is an Araucana breed from Brazil. That was she can withstand the heat that Virgina gets. She grew to be larger then all the other chicks in this batch and I laughed and said she was aptly named then! haha
Look at her feet! They are huge and GREEN! She also lays eggs with a blue shell. I told my aunt that she had to get one of Cedara's eggs and blow it out for me so I could have it.
Jake the dog is wondering why Cedara isn't afraid of him. haha He has been told to leave them alone and just whimpers when she comes right over to the fence. She sticks her beak out thru the fence and pecks his toes! Cedara is naughty...I love her!
Tracy Dunn of Thru the Attic Door

Baby Chickens

Aren't they cute?! My aunt lives in Virgina and they have chickens. This year they got this new batch to add to the ones they already had.
She asked family for name suggestions.
See the little dark chick on the right hand side, right in front of the others.....thats my chick!
Her name is Cedara!
I've never had a critter be named after me before. I love her!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angora Napkin by Troy Little

I got a signed copy!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhh

My sister went to High School with Troy in Summerside PEI.

She had mentioned him to me a few times over the years. He is an incredible artist and you can purchase his creations at an number of places including Amazon.

He came to Halifax for a signing and my sister went to see him. She bought his book and had a wonderful visit with him.

Check him out at his website!!!

Here is a photo of him signing some copies of Angora Napkin as well as his new graphic novel for some fans!

This is the cover of Angora Napkin!

Colored Threads

I have to admit that I almost always just sew my creations with white thread. Just the way I sort of taught myself to sew I guess. Well I have been watching some other fellow artists and asking them some questions about their creations. Almost all of them sew with different colored thread. Yes it takes a bit longer to remember to switch colors and match etc. But it really is turning out some wonderful details and accents.
When you you use white thread or match your colors????

Ice Covered Berries

My aunt took this photo of some ice covered berries in her yard in Virgina,USA. I just thought it was such a striking snapshot. Finally getting to share it

Hoppy Easter!

Bunny nose kisses to you all! xoxox
Happy Easter everyone! Woke this morning to SNOW! I rubbed my eyes as I just couldn't believe it. I was out pulling weeds in the flower garden just a few days ago.
My parents are still up to my sister's home while Mom recovers from her back surgury(more on that in another post). They got to celebrate Easter with the granddaughters and there was such laughter when we talked on the phone today.
The girls got bubbles, rubber boots, 3Dchalk and of course lots of chocolate! haha Wasn't mentioned what they were doing for supper but I'm sure it will be wonderful and yummy.
Not sure how long the snow is suppose to last but it does make for a good excuse to sit at the sewing machine! heehee

Slight Detour

Had a few things happen on the homefront that had me a bit off kilter and not writing. Everything has settled down enough that I'm back!
So much to tell and share with you all.
Are you comfy?
Lets get started!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Perfect Shade of Prim! heehee

Oh I am so happy with this batch of fabric!
I saved a bit of the coffee mix to add to the dolls once all case it looks like it needs bit added here or there!
My room smells SOOOO good right now with all this fabric piled on the craft table!

Tub full of fabric and coffee

Last night I mixed up a tub full of coffee staining for my primitive dolls. YUP.... a TUB FULL! haha
I ran scalding hot water into my tub and used my trusty wooden spoon and added my coffee. Then I added in some perked coffee that was Vanilla Biscotti flavored...oh my mix was smelling GOOD! Added in a few of my "secrets" and it was ready!
I place all kinds of different fabric piece in the mix and left them to soak overnight. I have had them drying now all day and I'm just about to get started on some new dollies!

Are you one of my Tweets??

Do you follow me on Twitter???
I'd love to have you join the fun!
Come follow me..... Thru the Attic Door on Twitter

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change We can Believe In

I watched from the edge of my sofa today as history was forever altered. I am a Canadian and will admit that I've not watched the politics of below the border before anywhere near as close as this election.
I cried a number of times and was somewhat shocked at myself for that reaction. Yet the tears would not stop flowing down my cheeks as I listened to him give his speech to the American people; as well as all of us around the world, who also were listening.
I wish President Obama the very best..... he has so many people watching and hoping with every fibre of their being for it to really be true...... a CHANGE.....A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Primitive Doll Patterns for 2009

I am so very excited to be working on the patterns for these primitive dolls. They were such great dolls to make and I just know you all will have fun making them yourself.
I've been writing out instructions and scanning the pattern pieces. They will be ready VERY SOON!

What do you think??

This little lady has a 3D round head and such a sweet face!
She was a custom doll created for a Christmas gift for someone's best friend.

I just love this little gal too!
She is created using an antique textile bobbin as her base.

The braids on her make me smile every time I look at this picture! heehee

I will post when the new patterns are ready!

Tracy(Cedara) of Thru the Attic Door

Time to SWEAT!

We all do it! eat too much food over the holidays. We had lots of company so that meant lots of food to nibble and indulge in.
Well playing outside with the nieces and such, I noticed a big difference in my body.


I am dusting off my threadmill and going to get back into walking again. Got a new MP3 player to listen to while on there. I had been doing pretty good so I hope it won't take me long to get back into that routine.
Primmart Convention 2009 is happening in May and I'd love to lose some inches before the gals all see me again! heehee Good incentive!

Once I get walking for awhile then I am going to mix in some pilates as well. I found all my Pilates dvds and my mat. I'm excited and ready.
Wonder where my measuring tape is???
Can't start a plan without knowing my measurements..... always modivates me more to see the inches coming off! yippeeeee

Telescope fun!

Hannah's main gift from her parents this year was this telescope! She is loving it! They brought it down with them to our place as we live quite far back in the woods and have no street lights or even lights from neighbors homes.

There was a just a sliver of the moon while she was here but they were able to look at a few crators on it. She saw a planet too and was very excited.

This is Grampa looking thru and seeing if he can see the moon or not. It was before our big snow fall but wow.....was it COLD outside!

More snow fun...

Hey Hannah....see those snow covered branches over there....
go pose underneath them....
Now reach up
and grab the branch over your head......


Me too???

Even Buttons Kitty wanted to try to play Othello! heehee

Playing Othello

Borrowed the game Othello from my ExH over the holidays as well. Andy and I spent many hours playing this game of strategy. I thought the girls were at the right age to give it a try. Sarah didn't do too bad but Hannah really caught on.
She never beat me though! LOL


The girls got the game HEADBANDZ for a gift this year and brought it down to our house when they came. You wear this plastic band around your head and place a card in the slot. You have to guess what is on the card by asking the others questions. You are timed and its really quite alot of fun. Lots of giggling!

Sarah with her Headbandz card in place and trying to guess what she is! (She was a green bean!)

Hannah with her Headbandz card in place and we are laughing so hard as her grandfather could live on bacon alone! She guessed that one pretty quick!

Me! Note its a chocolate bar on my card!LOL