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Sunday, October 21, 2007

More....... Popo Leboy

Popo Leboy( Leo) and I were talking again today. I told him that I had added the story in the blog and how I'd loved doing the "interview" with him. My readers aren't his usual fan base....but you never know who might see him on here and where it may take him next.
He said that he was going to send me a different photo to place with the interview. I laughed. We have been back in touch for about 6 months now and the pictures I had of him to use...I'd found with doing research on the groups. He had never sent me any pictures.
So he sent me a few and I am opting to add this one instead of removing the other....... thought you all might enjoy ;)
Leo tells me he has been getting played on independant radio stations in his area. Has been in the top 10 with his songs.
He has been doing radio interviews and told me about a photo shoot for the album. He says he'll share a picture from that......guess we'll have to wait and see if he does!
You can't hear the music in this photo....... but feel...... you can sense the energy that it evokes.
I look forward to hearing more of his music. Spending the nights talking to him about writing his songs. I promise to share it all with you along the way.
Leo...... your energy inspires!
Bless you my friend!

Wicked Karma

~Wicked Karma~
Any ideas what I might be talking about with this? Its something I've always wanted and just wasn't sure which route to go about having it done.
I asked some questions.
Gave my thoughts and now its coming to life.
I am having a custom scent created for me!
A body spray...... a lotion..... candles.... tarts.....even incense!
I was getting bored with always wearing the same stuff. Anyone could have bought the same stuff and we'd be walking around the same.
COME know me......I am the one who likes to stand out in the crowd! LOL
So..... its going to be called "Wicked Karma" and its going to be a blend of Warm Vanilla with deep notes of spice, clove, nutmeg and allspice. Its being created right now for me and I can't wait to find out how it all came together.
Do I dare say......I might end up smelling "exotic"? LOL

Primitive Angel Doll EPattern ~ Instant Download!

Primitive Angel Doll EPattern

Primitive Angel Doll EPattern

This primitive Angel doll is so simple to create. She will look great hanging in your home

Price: US$5.00

Click for details

Had a few different folks asking about this pattern so thought I would add it into my blog for you all to access as well. You are able to instantly download the Angel Doll EPattern as soon as you have paid for her thru PayPal.

Happy Birthday Hannah! ~Oct 17th!

Just a quick moment to tell my niece .....

I adore your spirit.
You laughter makes my soul smile.
I am forever blessed to have you in my life.
My "Little Red".
I love you!

Your first 10 years have taught me so very much and I look forward
to the many other lessons you shall teach my heart.


Primmart Online Craft Show

Primmart is hosting another wonderful ONLINE Craft show and I am happy to announce that I am taking part in this one. I have been busy creating special dolls that hopefully you will fall in love with.

Look for Thru the Attic Door! Lots of wonderful surprises!

October 24 - November 7 2007

Popo Leboy

Popo LeBoy.
Who's that? Why am I writing about him? You are asking yourself these questions. The simple answer's not to often that you can say that you watch quietly from the side as a friend starts to really shine.
(And those that know me well also know that I am hardly ever quiet about anything !Thats why you're reading about this here!LOL)
Leo, as I know him.... is working on a solo album and over the course of our friendship, I am always asking him questions. Learning bits and pieces. I thought it might make for an interesting article for you all to read.
What is the first memory you have of the sounds of music touching your soul?

"Strong melodies ... can't remember the songs or the titles but I remember strong melodies, stuff that my dad used to listen to ... it was peaceful music, sweet, it sounded like Harry Belafonte, with an Carribean flavour .. in one of those songs the chorus used to be "amigo, amigo, amigo" beautiful song lol .... and also instumental music ... same as traditional music from my country that my mom used to play ..."~ Popo Leboy
You are involved with 2 groups ( AfroConnexion and ZPN) as well as branching out with a solo sound of your own.
How did you meet the others in the groups?

"ZPN is my cousin ... so I met Lynx through another buddy musician ... we started by jammin' ... me on the bass and him on the guitar ... then he met ZPN through me and the rest is history ... "~Popo Leboy.
When did you decide you wanted to try something musical on your own?

It's always been a plan .. but the trigger came when I realized that I was putting a lot of energy and talent on stuff that were not necessarily coming back to me or me not not getting the proper recognition, u knowow, just being in the shadow of other people .. so I had to confront my fears and make the big jump .. very happy that I did that ... should have done it before, but hey, everything will have its own timing .. so I guess the time was right."~Popo Leboy
How do you decide the songs you record?

The feel, the vibe ... the songs come from what I call the D Channel or divine network ... we are all logged in to it, and we download stuff such as sounds, melodies, lyrics etc ... the chorus of my song "The Way of the Groove" came straight from a dream ... I woke up right away and wrote it ... the original song was in French ... I wanted to do an English version but didn't put my mind into it yet .. and it came by itself in a dream :) ... so I'm only being a doorway from the divine, I leave my heaven gates opened and let songs come through and the recording is only the materialization of what's already there ...

Do you write your own songs? If you do, where do you find your inspiration?

yes I write my own songs ... inspirations, well, see previous answer ... and I should add that sometimes an instrumental will tell u the words .. some words come out on their own to match a melody or vice versa ... but sometimes I also decide that I wanna write on a certain subject such as sex, love, or specific subjects in the human affairs etc ... and then let my spirit download what I need ...
Do you come from a musical family?

kind of ... there is music in my family for sure .. it comes from my mom ... she always sang and still sings all the time .. at home at church etc ... I have a little brother who's in music as well in Europe ... a little sis who flirted with music a lot .. but now works for the world bank in Brussels ...
How'd you decide to start playing bass? Play anything else?

well bass just came to me as an obvious thing ... I think that even while being a kid, I always picked on the bass lines while listening to music ... I also play percussions ... used to play drums but lack practice big time now ...

What style of music do you listen to in your home?

Brazilian jazz, bossa nova, latino jazz, salsa stuff, instrumental music, lounge music, Zairean music (or Congolese music since Zaire is now called the Congo) old school stuff that includes Michael Jackson etc ...

Name 3 artists that influence your style.

Bebel Gilberto (brazilian) and various brazilian artists, Various artists in zairean music, various artists in urban/soul/neo soul stuff, some great french lyricists such as Joe Dassin, Serge Gainsbourg etc ... the influences are pretty wide .. but again I don't rely on them when I write or compose. I guess it's what comes out of me ... a combination of my background, upbringing, and the melting pot of different cultures and life experiences that I have within myself ... I lived in a lot of different countries, I speak 5 languages, I guess I have multiple download sources ... LOL

What do you want folks to come away with when they listen to your music?
While I write and compose, the music belongs to me ... the minute it's out there, it no longer belongs to me, it becomes your property and belongs to you all ... so make it personal, make it your own personal experience, make it your own and see what you see, hear what you hear and enjoy it, cause at the end of the day, that's what really matters :)

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek....or I guess the right term would be sneak a few of the songs. He is in the midst of recording more and I look forward to hear those as well. The ones I have heard, I've enjoyed greatly.
Popo friend going to touch many folks with his words and energy.
I bless you with nothing but well wishes on this journey you embark upon and I like being able to watch as you soar!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sassphisticated! ~ where Hip woman shop!

Grab your wallet ladies and RACE over to my friend Marnie's new website!!!!!
I will admit that I had a bit of an "inside" scoop on this new venture for Marnie. She and I have been doing some talking and when I got a peek of these handmade purses....I swooped right in thru the back door and nabbed this treasure!
The quality is amazing! The fabric mix is funky enough for my tastes and yet I can wear it with everything. Its so roomy and holds everything I've tossed in! LOL
She has different sizes and styles. Something for everyone!
She also showcases a wild array of funky trendy necklaces and other jewlery pieces.
What are you waiting for????
She has something for you....... I just know she does!
Tell her Cedara sent you over! ;)

Curve ball

Sometimes LIFE tosses a few curveballs at you and you do your best to dip and dodge out of their so great and missing them.
So slightly off track for awhile while I dusted myself off......

GET COMFY....... I'm about to catch you up on my life! LOL

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Always in our Hearts! September 11

An Addiction of Mine...... PURSES!

Don't you just LOVE this purse?????

A really good friend of mine made it!She is making all kinds of wicked ones and is going to be launching a website for them!

I am so excited, I am shaking! She and I have already been in touch about a special purse for me! heehee

So make sure to keep your eyes on my blog....when she is ready to open the new site....I will be shouting LOUD for all you fellow purse lovers to hear!

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Needle Punch Sunflowers

OH MY GOODNESS! My pal Susan has once again shown us what beyond wicked things you are able to achieve with punching!!!

Aren't these sunflower pins mindblowing?

She was the first gal that I knew that did needle punching. I have asked her so many questions as I tried my hand at this artform. She is such an inspiration as her creations are so unique. Susan always thinks "outside the box" and it really makes you want to try something new and be just as creative.

She is a true inspiration to many in this artform and I look forward to watch what she creates next.

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Heartache for a friend

Many of us in the "Primmart family" have graphics done by an incredible woman named Cheryl. She is the owner and graphic artist of such websites as and
Our hearts break for our friend Cheryl as she has had to bury her nephew.
He was only in his 20's and fighting the demons of drugs. Cheryl had already lost Caleb's mother (her sister) to a drunk driver a few years ago.

To help raise the money for the funeral and to help the family he left behind....she has been hosting sales on
This sales are incredible and you are sure to find something that you just must have.

We all love you sweet friend!
May your heart mend and no longer cry!


Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Thousand Splendid Suns

My aunt brought this book home on her vacation and I picked it up last night around 9pm......I didn't put it down again until just after 3am!!!!
Those that know me know that I read ALOT. I always have my nose buried in one book or another.
NEVER have I had a book effect me so.
As a woman blessed with freedoms of so many kinds.....I think everyone woman possible should read this book!!!
The author weaves the words so as to wrap you in the sounds, smells and sights of these two womans lives.
The emotions that raced thru me with each page that I turned. I felt happiness, rage, shame and sadness. Decriptions so vivid that I felt dust in my lungs and the weight and darkness of a burka. The final pages of this amazing novel made me shed tears of such deep sadness and yet mixed so with a great pride for these woman.
This novel has greatly effected me. More so then I could have ever imagined it was going to when I picked it up off the table and settled down into my chair for the evening.
Read this novel........ let yourself be touched forever by the tale of these two incredible woman and all that they go thru in their life. Let yourself see a world so very different and yet so very much woven into our own as we are all woman and connected!!!!!!!!

Round Barn pt2

Round Barn

On the drive back home as we went thru the Granville area, we went past this barn. Both of us made the comment on how cool it would have been to take a picture of. Then we both laughed and made a uturn! LOL

This barn has been there for as long as I can recall and I think this is the first time I took pictures of it. I just think its so peaceful looking.


Lions Head

Saw this on one of the buildings we walked by downtown Halifax and I had to take a picture of it!

Road Trip with Pam

So my aunt is home visiting from Virginia and says she would like to make a road trip to Halifax. She looks at me and asks me to join her. SURE! LOL
So we pack the car early on Tuesday and hit the road. We have a few loose plans of where we want to make sure to stop at. Then we are going to spend the night at my sisters place and come back home the next day.
First off let me say that I do not I am not really good with "which road do we take next" kind of questions. Eric drives me everywhere and for the most part already knows the route. I just sort of "arrive" at different places! LOL
Pam used to live in Halifax but over 20 years ago so things have changed quite a bit.
We get into town and head to one of the main streets we are wanting. I get us in the right area for an underground parking spot as we've borrowed my grandmother's car and she didn't want us parking it on the street. (She told us she didn't want someone stealing the tires!heehee)
We have to park on the 9th floor of it though as pam is horrid at parking! LOL
Had to keep going higher and higher till we found a spot large enough for her to pull into.
We were laughing so hard.
Out we get and head out onto the city to hit the shops.
Pam really wanted a new purse.....we went into a shop and she was looking at an amazing leather messenger style purse. We couldn't find a price tag anywhere on it which is never a good sign!LOL
Call a lady over to help us find the price and she tells us that its going to be $265 plus tax.
I look at Pam and give her the "holy freak out" look with my eyes and we leave. LOL
We walked all around downtown. All the little side streets and shops that you don't always see when you are driving by. Both of us picking up a bunch of little odds and ends for family and friends. I'd share pics of some of the things but Dani reads my blog and she's getting most of the goodies! LOL I want her to be surprised!
I'll take a picture and post once i know she's gotten the parcel.
The sun was out strong and even though we were getting a slight breeze off the waterfront...I was getting quite hot. I needed to eat something too. So we opt to eat at a little Mexican spot. The waitress was horrid and didn't seat us for the longest time. She walked by at one point and I just happened to say a bit loud that I was pretty sure we could have walked to Mexico by she came right over and took us to a booth!
Now the fella that served he was mighty fine! LOL
Really sweet and really fine on the eyes.
He actually came over and was talking to us at one point and I seriously can't tell you a thing he said! LOL I was a bit focused on his hair and wicked green eyes. My aunt says I even did a coy silly giggle..... I swear it was from the sun! ;)
We ate fantastic food and did lots more laughing. There was a little tiny bird of some sort walking on the balcony that kept scooting inside and grabbing the odd little piece of tortilla shell. It was so cool to watch.......course I'd have freaked if it had flown! LOL
We are done on the Halifax side of the city and decide its time to head over to Dartmouth and my sisters. We of course hadn't been paying attention to the time and we hit the rush hour traffic.
OMGoodness! My nerves were shot! LOL
No one was letting in on the streets we needed to be on. My aunt is not an aggressive driver either. We took a wrong turn at one point and ended up in quite a seedy part of town. Didn't take us long to lock our doors! We finally make it to where we cross the bridge and are heading to my sisters. I tell Pam that we just have to stay on this main road that we are on and then make a few turns. Somehow we went OVER instead of UNDER something and we were lost AGAIN!
We keep driving and are getting into worse and worse looking places. I'm like turn this thing around....we are going BACK! We get ourselves back on the road and over to the large mall.
We get out and are laughing about the whole thing when my purse rings. I had borrowed Eric's cell phone. Its my sister wondering where we were. I explain that we are at the mall and going to do a bit more shopping. We are to call her when we are thru and she'll come over and guide us to her house. YIPPEE! LOL
So we go to Chapters and look around. I swear I could spend all day inside a good book store. There is always something that grabs my attention. I could have spent so much money inside there! LOL
My sis comes to get us and we go to visit my cousin Jennifer. Stay to her place for about an hour. Lots of laughter and giggles. She is very excited as she and her family are moving closer to where my sister lives. I can't wait to see the new place.
We finally get to Tara's....... show her all our treasures from the day.....and hit the hay.
We are beat! LOL

Apple Season in Nova Scotia

When you step outside and take a deep breath, you can smell the apples that are in the orchard!!!!

This is the start of my favorite of the seasons. The air is crisp and you sometimes need to wrap yourself under a blanket or in a wool sweater.

The trees along the valley are hanging low and heavy with wonderful apples.

Mmmmmm The need to make an Apple Crisp is just around the corner.

Do you have a favorite apple? Do you like to bite right into the side of a fresh picked apple? Do you make apple pie and serve it with a large scoop of french vanilla ice cream?


The Middle Name Game~ I was tagged to play!

The Middle Name Game
I've been tagged for the Middle Name Game. I've also tagged 6 others, so if you've been tagged here is what you do . . . .Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My middle name is NICOLE

N = Naughty! heehee (Oh like I could have chosen any other word!LOL)
I = Inquisitive..... always interested in expanding myself about the world and people
C = Carnival.... never been able to say my life is boring! LOL
O= Open-Minded and yet Opinionated! LOL(I had to use both!)
L = Laughter....... anyone I've ever met knows how important laughter is to me.
E= Enlighten........ if I am able to share something of my own life story so that it aids another..I will

I'm tagging . . . .

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lets Play Along

SamIamCreations posted this on her blog and when I read it this morning I thought to myself....what a fun idea! She says for different bloggers to add it to their here goes!
Copy and paste it on your blog..and play along too :)

1. where is your cell phone? in Eric's car as he's heading to Halifax for the weekend
2. your boyfriend/girlfriend? free as a bird! LOL
3. your hair? here's the scoop! I was in the mood to go "red" but seemed to have somehow gotten a bit more of a BRIGHT red then I was really hoping for. Going to see if Pam will take me into town today so I can attempt a deeper shade on top of this one. Could be BALD by suppertime tonight! LOL
4. where is your father? car was gone this morning he's gone to Tim Hortons for a coffee before taking my grandfather shopping for groceries. Ya need a LARGE coffee before doing that!
5. your favorite thing to do? playing with altered art ideas..... grunge dollies I've sewn..... and learn the ins and outs of the camera.....think I'll play with B&W pics today!
6. your dream last night?dreamt about my "dark chocolate" last night ;)
7. your dream car? don't drive so don't need a car
8. the room you're in? corner of my bedroom that doubles as my computer space/office area
9. who did you hang out with last night? Pam as she is home for a visit from Virgina for 2 weeks. She and I laugh so much when we hang out. Its so fun having an aunt that is only 10 years older then you!
10. your fears? grasshoppers! Damg things scare the beejeepers outta me!

11. what aren't you good at? biting my tongue! LOL Ask anyone!

12. muffins? fresh baked blueberry
13. one of your wish list items? plane ticket to Paris France
14. the last thing you did? got kisses from the kitten while snuggling in my computer chair. Dial up here so it takes a bit of time for things to load up on my beast! LOL
15. your computer? ancient!
16. your pet? Buttons and Fou....both kittys!
17. you are wearing? grey tank top and yoga pants
18. your life? content for the most part with little moments of sheer joy and happiness that bubble to the surface
19. your mood? right now.. hungry!
20. missing? sunshine! Its been pouring rain since about 4am....I know that because Buttons woke me up by tapping my cheeks this morning to tell me she was getting rained on under the window! LOL
21. your car? I'm always in Eric's and its a Honda CRV
22. what are you thinking about now? I need to get off this puter and go make myself something to eat before my tummy growls so loud again....jeepers that just scared me! LOL
23. your work? dollie maker.....picture taker
24. your summer? pretty low key cept for finding old friends again in my life that never fail to make me laugh and smile!
25. your relationship status? Single but with connections! LOL
26. your favorite color(s)? the colors of Autumn! Love the rusts and golds
27. when is the last time you cried? last night laughing so hard with pam and Mom while looking at pictures online.....Gram told us we were being too loud...which only made us laugh louder! LOL
28. when was the last time you laughed? same as above! LOL
29. school? eons ago
30. favorite 90's group? my taste in tunes is too vast to pick just one! I love to listen to music!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bridget Bishop ~ by RKCreations

Karen of R&K Creations has outdone herself on this witch doll she has created. I sent her a message as soon as I saw her and told her that I wanted to blog about her!
Karen says she knew she wanted to try her hand at making a witch and sat down to do some research on the famous "Salem Witch Trials".
Once she started reading about Bridget Bishop.....she knew that was who she was going to base her creation on.
Check out Karen's auction and learn all about this woman who was accused of being a witch and had to pay with her life!
She would make an incredible addition to your Autumn decor.....go check out the auction!
Thanks Karen! I wish you the best of luck...... she is WICKED! ;)
Prim Blessings

Bowls and Annies

What a little treasure this website is!!!!
You know how someone will mention something and its not always something that is usually "YOU"?
Well that is actually what happened with this website.
More and more folks were mentioning this lady and her cute dolls. She sells patterns and even EPatterns! I thought.....well...... she creates dolls that aren't my usual style. She is new member to the Primmart community and has been such a cheery soul in her posts......I had to go check out her site.
WOW! She has some really wonderful doll patterns! She also let me know that she is working on some new ones as well. So take a few moments and go take a good look around.
You will find something to make you smile!
Tell her Cedara sent you over!
Prim Blessings!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Primitive Crafting Tutorials

Crafting Tutorials for many different things are now right at your fingertips!
New things are being added all the time and it is so awesome to hear feedback on the folks who have tired one of our crafting tutorials.

Something to learn for everyone!
From hand drawn eyes like pictured below that I've created step by step instruction how to use turning different primitive stain altered anything you can imagine really!

The PrimMart Learning Center Staff is working very hard to make this the ultimate place for all crafters to check out. Have you been there yet???
What are you waiting for?

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Blog Challenge ~ part 2


That is another collection that I have and just can't stop myself from adding to it. My father and grandmother both have an extensive collection. When my grandmother sold her home, her collection was broken up amongst the family members. I chose the amber bottles from her and my sister got to have all the blue ones. My collection also include such finds as this rare perfume bottle with the old fashioned label still on. Small pharmacy bottles in my collection as well..... blue poison bottles being my fave to find!

Antique bottle come in every shape and size. Seeing them clustered on a shelf or displayed in a window.....just makes me smile.

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Blog Challenge #1 - Show your collection

Some of us that "blog" were given a challenge! We were to post and share a picture of something we collect. This was really tough for me! LOL
I collect a few different things and couldn't narrow it down to just one thing. So I am actually going to share 2 of my faves with you.........


Oh how I adore this holiday and all the fun that comes with it. I have just a small amount of my collection showing in this photograph. I always had such a hard time with packing it all away for another year that I opted to find a way that I could display special aspects year round.
I asked Eric's father if he would make me a bookcase. He is so very talented and I knew he'd make me something amazing. When I told him that I needed a bookcase shaped like a coffin.....he rolled his eyes and laughed at me....but he built it!LOL

It makes for quite the conversation piece!!! LOL

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Saturday, July 21, 2007

BTAE ~ A Featured eBay Group!!!

That's right!!!
Beneath the Attic Eaves( BTAE) is now a featured Ebay group on the new Prim Auctions website! I'm so excited!
I think this new website is going to be a wonderful business tool to help expand our Ebay group to others. We are all very excited to be taking part in this new adventure.
Make sure to check out our auctions! I am so excited about this new website that I'm creating a few special dolls to celebrate! Look for them soon!

Prim Auctions

Primmart has launched a wonderful new website and I could not be more excited to tell as many of you as possible all about it.
You know how sometimes you go to Ebay and are looking for something but have to wade thru a bunch of other things before you can even start looking.
Prim Auctions showcases an array of primitive auctions!!!!
You can use this new website in so many different ways depending on how you wish to shop.
The main page showcases a vast number of auctions that are happening right then.
You can even shop using different areas.....such as certian sellers as well as different Ebay groups.
Sections have also been set up to take you to auctions that are geared towards....... Ending Now or even just EPatterns. There is a section for you!
I am going to be using this website so much and think its going to really make me want to start listing more auctions on Ebay!
Go check it out and SIGN UP!
What a great way to gain more exposure for your Ebay group; your Ebay store or even just as a Seller! INCREDIBLE!

Believe~ A Simple Primitive Doll

You can find this simple primitive doll on my website right now!!!!!!!

An array of primitive dolls is there to greet you!

Air guitars....always in style, right???

This picture so makes me laugh and smile!!!!!
YUP.......I'm in touch with yet ANOTHER of my friends from when I went to ASB ( the school overseas)!!!
I found my best friend Danielle from back then too. Its been so surreal at how much we have in common still. We have been sending emails back and forth like every single day. She even installed MSN Messenger so we could chat on there. Its like the last 23 years hasn't even gone by. We have slipped right back into being the best of friends.
I could seriously not be happier right now with so many of my friends back.

Deborah Sponagle-Taylor

I met this amazing artist at the craft festival!!!

Every morning I'd be sitting at my booth and she would come down and talk with me. She loved my creations and was just such a kind soul. She put you to ease right away.

On Saturday, I walked around the show so that I could find her booth and take a peek at what she does. WOW! I was really blown away!!!!!

She is a painter that paints "maritime" scenes on pieces of old fishing ships and such. ITS INCREDIBLE! The details that she has in her work.....just capture you when you look at them. You can practically smell the salt air around you.

She has a website for you all to check out as well! So make sure you stop by and take a peek. Tell her that Thru the Attic Door sent ya over!!!

Lunenburg Craft Festival 2007

Once again I took part in this craft festival with my sister. All the venders were in one building this year instead of two. The crowds were there but not as many shoppers as many of us would have liked! LOL

We again had a mix of my dolls and critters. My sister did primitive stitchery signs, pillows and painted objects.

I did sell a nice number of things but it was my sister that did the best this time. She even managed to sell one of her painted milkcans and she was thrilled!

Lots of folks took my business card and even when I ran out of those.....I was still giving out scraps of paper with my info! Lots of folks should be checking out the website and this blog! LOL


Loving this Kitty Photo!!!

Buttons was watching the hummingbirds and the look on her face was too cute!!!
She "talks" to them the whole time they are flitting around the feeder.

Primmart has a new look!!!

Primmart has just come out with a brand new look for the website and community board. I am really loving what it looks like. The community has all sorts of wonderful new features and its been so much fun "playing" with them! LOL

If you haven't gone over to yet and joined the best community devoted to all things Primitive....... you need to ask yourself......


Thursday, July 19, 2007


We have 8 hummers at our place this year! You can see them thru the large picture window out back.....zipping back and forth. At least 2 of them are this years babies as they are MUCH smaller then the others. Poor Buttons Kitty is near insane from talking to them and watching them dart around the feeder! LOL

They have inspired me to do some sketches.....I haven't done anything like this in ages. Might have to make some tags for a doll to hold! LOL

Hannah at Sherbrooke Village

My niece Hannah and her fellow Girl Guides went to Sherbrooke Village for a weekend. They stayed there and got to dress up in the old fashioned clothes and be part of the community for the day. She had such a blast!

This picture was taken there and we all just love it!

My friends are not subtle!!! LOL

So this week, every time I talked to a friend, they would wish me a Happy Canada Day. I was confused each time they did it!LOL
Finally I was like.....what are you talking about? Canada Day was ages ago.

They laughed and said I KNOW!


So subtle!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paperclay Doll by Primkinfokes

WOW! My friend Sheila created this doll and when she showed me this picture......I was blown away! The face is hand sculpted using paperclay on muslin.
I have a package of Paperclay and still haven't been able to bring myself to open it and try this. I have taken sculpting classes but it still makes me nervous.
I'm going to have to swallow my fear and break open that package.
To take a closer look at this FANTASTIC doll by Sheila.....please go check her out on Ebay! She is going to be a wonderful addition to someones collection!

Fairy Pattern~ Back Porch Pickens

You all know I HAD to have this new pattern from Tonya right?LOL I had been thinking of fairies and telling stories to my nieces of their adventures.
I checked my email and there was a note from her saying she had a new pattern.....a FAIRY!
I can hardly wait to create her! I am going to rustle thru my fabric stash and find the most perfect match! I promise to share pictures VERY SOON!

Wee Fairy Folk

"Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,For I would ride with you upon the wind,Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,And dance upon the mountains like a flame."
~William Butler Yeats, "The Land of Heart's Desire," 1894

I have always loved the poetry of Yeats and this is a quote that always makes me smile. Maybe its the summer breeze that whips around me and whispers in my ear as it goes by...... but you can tell the Faye Folk are close.
Have you ever spread a quilt under the shade of an old oak tree and watched the clouds float above? Your arms folded under your head. The shadow of the leaves flitting across your face.
Catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye?
Maybe.....just wasn't a bird flying up high. Maybe a wee faye folk took a quick peek at you!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pieces of my Creativity

Basket of Fabric

When I go to Eric's place on weekends......sometimes I bring my sewing stuff with me to work on. I hated dragging my fabrics as it was all jammed in a big suitcase and it was always too much. When I was at the Primmart Convention in Kansas City MO, I got myself this basket! Its made by the Amish and its got a divider in the middle. Its a basket for holding magazines but as soon as Eric pointed it out to me...I knew what I'd be storing in it!

Makes bringing my craft with me much easier!

Sneak Peek

A quick glance of some new faces that will be appearing soon!!!!

All Dressed up


and of course I still love dressing him up! He doesn't care.....long as he gets treaties when its all over!

Fou Kitty!

I'm always getting asked about Fou kitty so I thought I'd post an updated picture of him. I took this last weekend while I was at Eric's place. He was sitting on the edge of the table purring....hoping he was going to get me to give him more treats while Eric was out of the room.

Viens t'amuser

ZPN video for "viens t'amuser"

je crois

ZPN video for "je crois"

Leo! and his music

Ok so if you've been reading my blog then you know that I'm back in touch with some old friends that I knew when I lived in Bucharest Romania. The emails have been flowing back and forth between us all. These guys have had me laughing so much. The things that they can remember from back then ... its just wild! LOL

We have also been doing alot of catching up on what each of us has been doing since we saw each other last. One of the guys that I'm in touch with again is my friend Leo.
My memories of him are fully connected to dancing and music.
Leo mentioned he was "still into some music" and sort of left things at that. Well come all know me better then that...... I went searching for more info! LOL

Well knock me over......... my boy has got some talent! LOL

He is part of "Afro Connexion" and you can find more out at the following link:

My friend Leo goes by the name " LB4Life". He's the hottie on the left! LOL
(The website is in French but there are lots of pics to see if you can't read french)

They recorded an album and went on to win "Best New Group" at the French Junos in Canada.
The group toured all over Ontario.
Then one of the members started solo and he goes by ZPN.

ZPN has released 2 albums with the band touring with him.
New album is being recorded now for Afro Connexion and Leo is also working on his own solo album. Its been awesome to see that he has really been doing great. I'm enjoying the music that I've been able to hear already. Leo is sending me their cds soon...... he's made me some promises so we'll have to see if he can keep them! LOL

There is much more but this is the condensed version. I write a blog not books! LOL
I'm going to showcase 2 videos next. Even if you can't understand the still talks to your soul. . You are going to find yourself singing outloud to the words you do catch and remember!

I look forward to hearing much more from Leo and his friends.

Painted Doll Eyes

Ever wonder how to do them? How to paint the eyes like you are seeing on so many of the primitive styled dolls right now?

You won't have to wonder much of the first tutorials I created for the Primmart Learning Center was on how to do them!!!!

There will be a step by step on hand painting doll eyes.

A step by step on hand drawn eyes with colored pencils.

And then a step by step on doing the 3d fabric eyelids as well!

Happy Birthday Eric!!!!


You always say I write about everything in my blog!


Special Surprises from Wales!

My dear friend Clare surprised me with a phone call all the way from Wales and then the next day....this wonderful surprise arrived on my doorstep!!!!!
She wanted to tell me CONGRATS on my new position at Primmart! How sweet is that?!
Clare...... your friendship blesses me! I'm so very proud to be a "tart" ! LOL

Leanne Aucoin!!

I have very talented friends! LOL

"A native of Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Leanne Aucoin began playing music at an early age. As a child, Leanne received lessons from wonderful teachers in her community and also attended the summer sessions at the Gaelic College in St. Ann's, Cape Breton. She is now an instructor at the college during the summer months teaching fiddle, Cape Breton piano accompaniment, and step dancing. She is currently teaching music lessons and is employed with the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board as a substitute music teacher. She continues to perform at various venues in Cape Breton and has also performed in other parts of the Maritimes, the US and Ireland. In late 2006, Leanne released her debut album, All Set, a traditional album featuring Tracey Dares MacNeil and Dave MacIsaac and also members of her family."

What a sweetheart she is! When Jesse told us she had put out a CD, I couldn't wait to get one! I love to put it in my cd player and listen to it while I sketch. The emotion that she can bring out with her music is spellbinding. I find myself escaping thru her music often.

Here is a link so that you too can have her fiddle sing to your soul!


Way to go Calvin!!!!
My good friend Calvin is now playing drums for The Mark Cameron Band. They have been playing all over Nova Scotia and we couldn't be prouder for Cal!

Creative Dept. Assistant on Primmart

YUP! WooooHoooooo

Primmart continues to create an amazing place in the world of Primitives and I now have become part of the staff! heehee I was sooooo excited!

" Creative Dept. Assistant: Cedera (Tracy) Dunn"
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn stumbled across the world of Primitives about 5 years ago now; wrapped herself in homespun; and has never looked back. Primmart rapidly became a second home to her and she couldn't be more blessed. She was asked to be a writer for Beneath the Willow Tree and that experience has been astounding.On her website, Tracy(Cedara) creates for you a collection of OOAK Primitive raggedy dolls and critters in grubby homespuns as well as vintage fabrics! Stained for a perfect prim look and feel! She also writes a primitive blog that has quickly gathered quite the following.She looks forward to her next adventure....... in making Primmart's Learning Center.... the ultimate place to discover Primitives; how to create them.....and so much more!"

My Texas Dolls

They have all arrived safe and sound to their new home in TEXAS! Christine saw one of my dolls on Ebay and contacted me about making her a bunch of gals. She was wonderful to do business with and beyond understanding when a few things caused a few bumps.
I enjoyed making these dolls for her:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stunned Silence and Sheer Sadness

I am still not quite grasping the whole situation and how it has really effected me. A wonderful young lady passed away. I have never met her. I have never met her family. Yet they all have so touched my heart and made my soul cry.
I faintly "knew" her mother as she is a fellow primitive artist and in this world, you sort of bump into each other the longer you are here. Her daughter became ill and she started writing a blog to let all know the progress. Another brought the story to my attention and I started reading and wanting to know all that I could about this wonderful young woman.
A few different times I posted on Primmart and other forums asking for strength and prayers for this amazing family during their struggle.

Please...... go and read her blog.
Let this amazing family touch your soul.
Let Brianna's Spirit lift you.

There are going to be some INCREDIBLE auctions created very soon in memory of this amazing young lady who was taken so early. Please make sure to go and bid on an angel!

ON EBAY as thrutheatticdoor........ look for my creations by typing
Beneath the Attic Eaves(BTAE)
Also found at

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ok...... ME!

This is one of the most updated pics of me.....just a few months ago. I didn't want to wake in the morning to emails about only a picture from when I was 2! (I know you guys...... my mailbox would have been full!)
Not always a fan of having my picture taken. But somehow the quirky angle and maybe the purple streaks in my hair make me smile when I see this picture of myself. LOL
My hair is actually back to being a redhead now. You all know how "they" say being a blonde is more fun....but I always say HELL NO...... a redhead is so much more fun!
Maybe sometime soon.....I'll take another pic to share!
Off to sneek another DIB and then go to bed! heehee

Today was my birthday!

Ok..... I know already that I'm going to hear that I should have placed a picture from TODAY! LOL But I can't help it...I love this pic of me on my 2nd birthday! heehee

Look at those fat cheeks and blonde hair!

Today was my 36 birthday! I know many folks stop celebrating after a certian age. I love my birthdays. There was a time in my life that I wasn't always sure I'd see my next birthday. So each one that comes to me now...I embrace with a smile.

It was a low key birthday this year. Homemade pizza for my birthday supper. Something simple. No need for fancy food on my birthday! LOL And this year instead of a cake.... tried DIBS. Little pieces of ice cream covered with chocolate. YUM! Oh they were good!

I really have a serious thing with loving chocolate right now so it was a very simple pick on my part. Lots of calls from family wishing me the best. My inbox was JAMMED full today with birthday wishes from my friends around the world. Each sent me funny ecards or quirky messages that soooooo made me laugh and smile.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate my day!! THANK YOU to all my friends and family who sent me their love today. I felt very special :)

Hmmmm...... so this one is over...... wonder what I can plan for my next birthday? Something simple again? Or maybe I should do something I've never done before for my next birthday? Course....its kinda tough to find something I've never done! LOL


Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Make a Memory

"... you want to steal a piece of time..... you want to make a memory....... "

Just a small piece of a song that is playing on the radio right now and that caught my attention.
(Its a new song by Bon Jovi)

Maybe its because I've been reconnecting with old friends and talking about different memories. Things that happened to us but seen thru different eyes. Most things so simple in life and yet marked each of us in different ways forever.

Don't let life pass you by.
Grab onto it!

Make memories that years down the road will be thought of by someone and make that person SMILE.

Prim Blessings!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cinnamon! Nutmeg! Cloves! Mmmmmmm

No I'm not baking anything with all that! LOL I have been making dolls so had to bring out all the good spices to mix with my primitive stain recipe. I love using this mixture because it always makes my dolls end up smelling soooooo good! Everyone makes comments.

Sure makes my room smell good too! LOL
I dream of cookies!

~My Witches Brew~That is what my family likes to call the stuff I use to stain dolls.I used to create it using tea. I made it with coffee one afternoon and have been hooked on the effect ever since.The kitchen sink or my big pot is what I make this all in.I boil a good couple of kettles of hot water.Take a 1/4 cup coffee and dump it into the boiled water.Take a long handled wooden spoon and stir carefully. Don't splash and burn yourself.I take a cheese cloth baggie and add the following...... cinnamon sticks that I have broken smaller; whole cloves; whole nutmeg that I have grated on the side of; anise star.This baggie steeps in the coffee mixture and adds a spicy scent to the coffee.I also add about 1/4 vanilla to the mixture.
I sometimes add ground cinnamon as well. This creates a "sludge" that you can paint onto your creations and when it drys....oh so very prim!

Prim Blessings!


Ok so the last few days I have been super busy! The fabric has been flying. Primitive pattern pieces are laid out all over. Pencils being knocked all over the place by little tiny kitten feet!LOL
I have been cutting so much fabric in the last two days.....I think I pulled a muscle in my hand!
When I move my thumb on my right hand....oh the pain!
So I iced it and am typing funny tonight! LOL
but I somehow managed in these two days to cut out....... 23 primitive dolls!!!!
Now I just have to sew and stuff them!

Prim Blessings!

To open this Letter..... and read from my Soul

Lost Art of a Hand Written Note

There is something almost "magical" about opening your mailbox and finding a note inside that has been written by hand. In this day and age of emails and contact by computers, I believe too many folks are missing something.

The creativity that can explode onto a blank piece of paper. Colored inks. Different pens. Ink drawings and sketches thru a note. Little pieces of yourself that you are sharing with someone important enough in your life that you sat down and picked up a pen.

I've always loved to write to my friends. Sure sending off a quick email is fine for the most part. But I like to sit down with my array of different papers. All colors and textures. A rainbow of pens and different inks. I even have a wax melter to seal the envelope.....just because I loved the look of it!

Who have you written to in the last while? Who did you make smile when they opened their mailbox and found your special envelope inside? If you can't think of anyone..... then don't you think it might be about time that you sat down at your desk and sent one to someone special?

Prim Blessings!

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of