Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, August 29, 2011

Annapolis Royal Farmers Market

Saturday mornings (Mid May - Mid October) 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

What a glorious way to spend Saturday! The big storm was heading our way Sunday evening and who knows what sort of mess we'd have to be cleaning up and taking care of so we talked about it and opted to head to Annapolis Royal early Saturday.

The fog was thick when we first left and I was beginning to think it wasn't the best of ideas we could have come up with. That thought quickly past as the fog burned off and the tables beckoned us with their wares.

Tigger Kitty loves when we are outside with him but he wanted nothing to
do with the snapping and cracking heat maker we were sitting next too up onto the winter woodpile he climbed and laid down.
Silly Kitty!

Playing with Fire

Ok so actually I wasn't the one who was playing with fire.
He built and burnt the whole shabang but it was fun to unwind 
from the day and snap some pics of the flames licking about.
Hope you enjoy them. 
For the full the photos and you'll see them full size.

Evening Bonfire

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rustic Backyard Beauty

One of the old apple trees that needs to be taken care of to bring her back to being able to produce some wonderful crunchy orbs of delight. The cat likes to race at her quickly and climb up her twisted trunk. I am keeping my eye out for the perfect wind chime to hang from her gnarled branches
The sunlight reflecting behind the many pieces of Queen Anne's Lace growing wild in the field. Lupine bloomed earlier that stole my heart. Goldenrod blooms at the moment as well.

Pantry Progress

Some primer has been added to the now sanded smooth shelves in my pantry space. I am madly in love with this room that he built. We have already been super busy canning different fruits and veggies to stock the shelves. A wee bit "horse before the cart" but its working

Queen Anne's Lace

Simple snapshot of Queen Anne's Lace growing wild in the back field

I dream of a Ride On Lawnmower

We have been doing our best to gain back lawn that has overgrown the last few years into quite the wild field. This home has been in his family for many years and the field used to be a number of large gardens and orchards of multiple types of fruit trees. We are SLOWLY working on creating that again.

I really really really........
have I mentioned REALLY
want to own a ride on lawnmower!

This is the path thru the back field towards the woods that we have managed to take back again. It quickly gets out of hand with rain and sun though so we have to try to keep on top of things.The backyard we take turns keeping mowed. In the next few years we've talked about planting peach, apple, pear and maybe even a few plum trees. A small strawberry patch used to be back there in a raised bed that he hopes to make happen again as well.

Silly cat that we have.....the other evening, we couldn't find him anywhere. I was calling his name and shaking the treat bag. Nothing. We knew he was inside and the treat bag is usually the best way to gain his attention.
Then I remembered that we'd opened the door into the bedroom being worked on. Some boards had been placed inside out of the rains that were due in the next few days. I peeked in and spotted this.......

 From his scrunched can tell there isn't much room for him in this space he thought he'd take this little cat nap.

He looked like he was comfy so we left him slumbering for a few was the least we could do after he worked so hard at finding this new spot.

Word Jumble

Not using it as an excuse per say.....but many nights the thoughts that I want to spill out onto this blog page just seem to smack around in my head and stay jumbled.So frustrating to fight with the thoughts and act of writing. I am working at getting better.

Where do you blog?

Where do you blog? Are you set up on a desk with a full on PC? Do you use a laptop so you can sit in the comfy chair next to the large bright window in the kitchen nook area? Are you blogging using your phone?
Do you think it makes a difference in how you write?

I have my main computer set upstairs on my desk hutch in the far side of my bedroom. The hutch holds all my "writing tools" like dictionary, thesaurus, quote journal, vodka bottle......ok so not really a bottle....more like a small flask ;)

I have a laptop but don't find myself using it for blogging. I like the feeling of sitting at my desk and writing. The desk covered with scraps of paper with quick ideas and messages jotted down in my hen scratching.

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru The Attic Door

Guy's Frenchy's

Work is going well still at GUY'S FRENCHY'S in Digby........hard to believe that I've been working there since January. The gals I work with are great and many giggles happen during a shift.