Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, October 11, 2013

Open my Jewelry Box

My jewelry box isn't fancy. 
It's not even really that large.
It holds way more then I could ever possibly wear and yet
I'm always managing to find room inside for just one more "piece".

Most folks wouldn't think that I adore jewelry as I don't wear it to work.
Tend to wear some of the same pieces over and over.
I love it though. Adore how sometimes a single piece can express your mood,
the emotions you are feeling at that moment, and basically just make
you smile when you see it.


These are a few of my best loved pieces.
Some I've had for a very long time.
Others, I literally just touched today for the first time
and am madly in love with it.

Fou Kitty
I have an insane amount of necklaces but these 3 instantly alter me.
The first was created by a friend, as my husband calls me "farmwife".
When I wear it, it helps me remember this is the life I'm meant to be living.
The kitty was custom made for me by my godmother.
Lucky enough to own a number of her amazing creations already, I was blessed
when she agreed to attempt to recreate my kitty Fou. It was not her usual style and yet she was willing
to give it a try for me. I instantly feel LOVE when I wear this piece.

My spider web.
Literally opened the parcel this morning and felt my soul smile.
Spiders themselves quite freak me the hell out.
Their webs pull forth from me entirely different emotions.
Countless photographs are stored on my computers of me transfixed by their beauty.
As soon as I saw these amazing necklaces, I knew I had to own one.

A few of my rings.


It's what first attracts me to a piece.
Once I slip it onto my finger, something inside me calms.
I have a habit of twirling a ring when dealing with the thoughts in my head.
When at all possible, I love a ring with history attached.
Somehow knowing another soul , while dealing with her own thoughts 
created or sat twirling the same ring, brings me peace.

The first two rings across the top were created by my friend Jodi (Sugar to some of us)
I've known Jodi for many years now and she is crazy talented. She's gotten quite busy with her life and doesn't create near as much as so many of us wish she was able to. When I saw that she had made these rings, I jumped on the chance to own something she had touched and brought to life.

The stone ring I stumbled across years ago at a flea market.
The way the morning sun bounced off the stone struck a nerve.
I bought it to remind myself that even in my darkest moments, I can see light.
The next ring is one of my most treasured pieces.
I wear it when I allow myself to reflect.
 When I make myself most vulnerable as it brings me strength.
I cry when I first place it on my finger.
I cry again when I remove it.
It is Rydonna's ring.
The last ring is one you can most often see adorn my fingers.
It spoke to my heart in a small little antique shop.
Floral twisted pattern.
Someone else wore this ring.
Someone else loved to take their finger and trace over the pattern.
I've thought a different tale each time it has slipped onto my finger.
 My bangles.
The sound they make touching each other.
Most are silver.
I do own them in about every colour you can imagine.
Some were expensive.
Some were less then $1 at a flea market.
Many came from an Indian wedding and I actually own the sari's to match them.
Some days I wear only one.
Most days, I wear almost all at once.
I have an insane amount of earrings.
ok no I just lied.
I have a crazy amount of earrings and my sister actually has an insane amount.
(But that tale is for another day haha)

These two speak to me loudest.
The first pair were a gift from my best friend, Danielle.
They are small and so feminine.
I lost one of them one day and it near crushed me.
I kept one tucked away in a small compartment 
of the jewelry box almost like I was in mourning.
The house was tossed from top to bottom in search for the missing one.
Weeks later, I wrapped my fave black pashmina around my neckline and something
caught my eye. There was the missing earring hooked thru a few threads.
Happy dance!
Then little backings were placed onto the earrings.

The little diamond studs.
I've owned these the longest.
They are small but their size doesn't matter.
The love within them is larger then even can be told.
I met my husband the summer I turned 17.
He gave me these earrings after knowing me for 3 weeks.
I opened the small box while out sitting on a stone in a field washed with sunlight.
Many years later while going thru our divorce, I kept these as a reminder.
Of a love that was so innocent.
So deep.
So unscathed by everything that unfolded around us.

I wear them almost daily to now remind me of how real love
can bring you full circle.

I've been back with my ex husband for over 5 years now.
I do believe it might be finally time
to tell that story next.

This blog post was sparked after reading this blog post by my friend Jeanne