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Friday, May 20, 2005

Blessed :)

Spent quite a bit of today thinking about how blessed I am and in the many different ways.

~ the day was blah out so I knew we weren't going to have many folks travel our dirt road to stop in to see I was blessed to spend the whole day in my comfy clothes! LOL
Hoped it would spark being creative if I was comfy.....didn't feel any spark of any sort! ROFL

~Blessed to have my shop...... spent some time today making tips up to help those just starting out with their Ezshoppes. Been getting asked lots of questions and thought I'd see how many I could answer.

~ Blessed with friendships...... was able to write something today that could have blown up in my face just as quickly as it spun in a great way instead. Everyone is a great enough friend that they knew where I was coming from in my writings and took nothing to heart in a mean way.

~Blessed with frienships PT2...... to turn my computer on and "see" so many friendships blossoming before my very eyes. I belong to quite a few different forums and each day brings those friendships closer to my heart.

~Blessed with family...... talked to my aunt tonight and to hear the laughter in her voice made my heart smile:) Laughing and being foolish with my parents and my grandmother.
My cheeks hurt from all the laughter that took part in today:)

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