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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Websites~~ Spread too thin???????

Have been talking quite a bit with friends about this sort of thing.
~~Can your website be spread too thin? ~~

In my opinion...the answer is NO! LOL
I think the more places that you can get your website seen and viewed from...the better.
If you are only on one spot.....only those folks are really seeing you every day. The odd person may stumble across your website from doing a search. But if you are in a few different spots, a few more different folks are seeing and talking about your site! That has to be a good thing!

This is the Online Marketplace that I host my website thru. I have one of Shelly's Ezshoppes and its the best thing I could have for myself right now! I just love it:)
The community at Primmart is amazing. I really do consider so many of the ladies there just like extended family. So many good times have been had there.
If you love PRIMITIVES and want to be part of a great group of people...stop by and join the community!(Tell them Cedara sent ya!)

In the last year I have been doing lots of research and found a few more places to join and become a part of. Each of these other places I have been welcomed with open arms.
So many new faces are now good friends in my life.
I have learned and grown so much in my crafting from them all.

Some you may already know......some may be new to you.
I have them listed in my links section on the side but wanted to give a bit more information about them here.
This is a smaller group of artists but their hearts are HUGE!
A friend told me about their site and forum. I went their one evening and posted....they all welcomed me with open arms.
These ladies have some amazing talent!!!!!!
You have just got to check them out! You can find them at the above link and some of their own websites as well. These gals do amazing auctions thru Ebay as well!
Look for FOA listed items....its made by these wonderful ladies!
I was told by someone about this place and when I checked it was HUGE!
You join for free and get the basic membership..... you can upgrade to different levels for different prices but so far i haven't felt the need to upgrade.
Once you become a member then you can search thru the many forums.

The following are the primitive forums that I belong to there:

~A Passion For Primitives
This forum was created in an attempt to spread the word about Primitive crafts and Decorating in Australia.They welcome international primitive lovers too of course! Take a look around and if you like what you see then make sure you introduce yourself so they can give you a proper welcome. You will love all the great prim things these gals can teach you!

~ Crafters Market Forum
This forum goes with Crow Soup of course

~Folk Art Square Community
They are a collective array of crafters and prim lovers. You DO NOT need to be a crafty person to join in this forum board. If you have a passion for primitives and handmade goods, you have come to the right place.

~Grapevine Hollow
You will find just about everything in this forum. The talented ladies do it all!

~ Primitive & Rustic Crafts&Decorating
This forum is a place where they share ideas on decorating your homes with primitives & sharin ideas on making primitive crafts.

~ Sisters at Heart
A forum to share ideas with and have a good time.
Another great forum full of lovers of Prims!
Some wonderful friendly folk who have some websites full of great prim goodies for your home!
Stop by and see the fun!

I hope you all enjoy going to these places if you haven't already found them and joined.
Get your website name out there for folks to find you and make some wonderful new friendships along the way!

Can't wait too see you all there!

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