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Monday, June 06, 2005

x---x----WELL BLESS MY STITCHES ---x---x

A bit of a shout out about a gal that I think everyone needs to go and check out.
She is a fellow maritimer like myself so that right there makes her super special!

Some of us know her as CINDER and she runs the website

She has been creating some of the most awesome stitched pillows and ornaments!
I am very happy to say that she has been a huge help to my own site. I hope to have a line of stitchery patterns coming out soon and Cinder was sweet enough to stitch them for me.
I can doodle things up quickly on paper but if I was to stitch'd be 80 before you saw one! LOL
She also just opened an Epattern site..... make sure go scoot over there and check out her stuff as well.

If you love the look of stitcheries but are alot like me and can't sit still long enough to do them....Cinder is the gal to check out!

Thanks for all your help Cinder and I will be sending you more patterns soon! heehee


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