Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, July 18, 2005

have you done all the LITTLE things?????????

You are sitting there looking at your website and wondering .......why aren't folks stopping by?
Have you done all the little things that in the end are huge and yet such simple things?

~ where is your website URL?
If your answer isn't EVERYWHERE then you have not been doing enough for your website.

* place it in every email you send out!
* place it on business cards and send them out
* have a banner created and use it to attract attention to your website
* sign guestbooks! Most guestbooks allow your name and a business....fill that out!
* exchange links/banners with as many folks as possible...... now I am not talking about spamming and getting links for crazy stuff on your site. Look for folks websites that are going to compliment your a good wine to your meal!
* Join different websites/forums that you are able to let know folks about your website.
* join online craft shows
* do some auctions
* send out a monthly newsletter

How many are you doing?


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