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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Let there be Light!

Thought this would be fun to try so I stashed it away in my files. Found it today and thought I would share:)

Empty pineapple cans (without sharp edges or whatever size can you wish to use)
Old towels
Hammer and nail
Votive candle
A hot pad or trivet
Tracing paper (optional)
Rubber bands

Fill the can with water and carefully freeze it solid.
Remove the can from the freezer and place it on towels.
Use a hammer and nail to punch holes into the can. It can be messy so you can even do this outside for less mess.
Let the ice melt, dry the can and add the candle.
Set the can on a hot pad or trivet before lighting the candle.
When the candle is lit don't touch the can - it may get hot.
Option: Create a pattern on tracing paper and use rubber bands to attach it to the frozen can. Punch holes along the lines on your design.



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