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Thursday, July 14, 2005

What does a Charcoal bricket taste like?

I have no idea what they taste like but the BEAR in our yard sure wanted to find out!
Dad got up the other morning to find our BarBq tipped over and the brickets were knocked out and spread all around our yard......looked like they'd been licked!
Hope the bear liked the barBq sauce we'd used on the chops! LOL

We have a green barrel as well in our yard that our compost stuff goes in. A bear came up and stood next to it....grabbed it with his front paws and started bouncing it up and down trying to knock it over. Dad has it bungee corded to the side of the house so the bear couldn't get it.
Mom had her face placed right up against the livingroom window watching till Dad told her to step away from the window!

Anyone want to come visit?????? LOL


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