Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, September 09, 2005

Getting a second website!!!!!!!!!

My goodness I am having a blast with this new website! I have given myself a few good headaches but they are going to be worth it in the end! LOL

That is the URL of the new site. I am so excited!
Its going to be for my articles that I have already written and want to submit to other places. Its also going to house some short stories that you all have never seen or read yet!

Trying my hand at getting it all up and running myself and WOW...that has been quite the trip so far. All you "uber techs" have me bowing at your feet! I have spent a few days spinning my heels in the dust!



Robin said...

You must be sooo excited....It's going to be so cool to have "creative license" with your writing on this website....You have a true gift and thank you for sharing it with us through your articled in BTWT and now on your new site..... I can't wait till it's up and running ....Hugs !!!!

Taracotta said...

WOW sis, can't wait to see this new site of yours and read your articles and stories. You're a great writer and so I am excited to see what you'll have in it. HUGS and KISSES.