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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Angels watched over my family

My father was on his way to Annapolis to take his mother(She is 90) to the hospital for some blood work and some Xrays. There is road construction happening all over the place down this way.
They were stopped at some construction with about 3-4 cars ahead of them. Dad looks up in his rear view mirror and sees an 18 Wheeler heading towards them. He placed his 4 way blinkers on and looked was NOT slowing down!
He attempted to move the car a bit to the right but it was way too late.........

The 18 Wheeler hit them and sent them across the road and into a ditch. When they awoke....right behind Nannie's seat was the grill of the truck! They are so beyond lucky to be alive!
Dad was able to get out of the car. He suffered some scratches and cuts to his arms and head. He has a concussion. He was released from the hospital yesterday. He woke this morning to some dizziness so we took him back.His shoulder and neck are very tender and sore as well. We are just going to watch him carefully now.

Nannie is alright as well....... they had to use the Jaws of Life to remove her from the car. That was pretty scary! She has a horrid bump on her forehead that is huge and bruised. Her whole arm and shoulder is black and blue and her hand. Neither suffered any broken bones or major injuries of that nature!

Grampie usually makes these trips with them but that morning opted to stay at home and wait. He'd go shopping with dad afterwards. THANK GOODNESS!
If he had been with them, he'd have been sitting right behind Nannie and been where the grill of the truck was!

Angels watched over my family yesterday!
Please.....go HUG your family and tell them you LOVE THEM!

Prim Blessings!

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Linda said...

Cedara, angels were definitely watching over your family. I'm so glad they were all right.