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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tooth Fairy fun

My oldest niece Hannah lost a tooth this week while they were here. It was quite loose when she arrived and she pulled and played with it till the other morning when it popped out and onto her tongue! LOL
She now has a gap right in the front and is beyond cute!
She wanted to know if she would be able to still get money for the tooth if she asked the tooth fairy if she could keep the tooth. Said it was her fave tooth as it was a front tooth. LOL

We wrote the Tooth Fairy a note asking to keep it and left it with the tooth.
Woke to squeals of delight as there was now a paper plate with sparkles all over it!!!!!!
The Tooth fairy had left foot prints behind as well and a note in the most beautiful script handwriting that said she was allowed to keep this ONE! LOL

We ended up having to take the plate of sparkle dust all the way to the hospital to show great Gramma! LOL It was quite the day.
I am sure it will be a memory we all remember for years to come!

I will take a picture of Hannah with her tooth gone and post it soon.

Prim Blessings!

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Zeppellina said...

What a wonderful story!

I love that there were fairy footprints in the sparkle dust!