Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Artist Barn

Look how perfect this would be in a primitive kitchen. I just love this plate! A friend of mine paints them and a ton more items as well.

I'd love for you to go and check out her website!





Cara said...

Just wandering around. I woke up early with the beginnings of a migraine. If I catch it early enough with strong coffee I can turn it around.
A freind of mine wants to buy the stars out of my star string, but she doesnt want them all. Just some. I don't want to break it up. So, I am thinking maybe I ought to break out the book on folded fabric ornaments and make her a few of those. She wants to give them to the nurses who administer her chemo. She is so sweet. I see her today for lunch. If I paint them with AuntiM's primitizing sauce, they might be cool. The only Christmas fabric I have is from Wal*Fart years ago. They need to be painted with hardener since the farbic is cheapie. So I'm crusing my links, procrastinating on a rush item, OF COURSE!

Cara said...

Still procrastinating. Seem to have stopped the migraine, now back to the postum. I need to reduce caffeine until after the radiation procedure on Wednesday. Now I'm making toast with homemade bread. Peanut butter ready. If I burn the toast, I'll have to start again with a new piece and buy myself more time to waste. I'm not even really hungry. Hunger is a procratination tool.

Cara said...

I actual farbic folding was easy and I got a bunch of those sewn up fast, but getting the binding on took hours and put me over the edge, epsecially the second time I had to rip it off and start again. They are small enough that they need to be bound my hand. Ick. So I stuffed them into a box until I feel like it again. Probably in 2007 or '08.