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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A good smack to the head........

Can really cause way more problems then you could ever imagine!
When dad was involved in the car accident and got the concussion......he was told he'd have a headache and be a bit "off" for awhile.
Well the headache just never went away and he was always really dizzy when he'd first stand up from the sofa etc. He was going to the Dr for a check up and we suggested he ask to have a CatScan done. The next day he was sent to yarmouth for the scan. Really quite quick but we sure were not complaining.

The very next day, the DR called us and told us to get in touch with dad(he was out shopping with my grandfather) and have him get himself to Halifax! The scan had shown a large blood mass and he was sceduled for emergency brain surgury!

We run around and get him up there.......after running some more tests and a bunch of other stuff, they finally did the procedure. He had a large incision cut in his scalp and then a hole was drilled thru his skull. A draining tube was placed and the blood mass was drained.
There was so much blood that it had pushed my fathers brain to the other side of his skull!
He had the drain tube for a few days and then was stitched up and brought back home.

His stitches were removed yesterday and he's doing much better. He goes to see the "head" DRs again in Halifax at the end of January. Another scan will be taken then.

So needless to say....its been crazy around here.

THANK YOU for all the prayers and well wishes that have been sent to myself and my family:)

Prim Blessings!

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