Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, April 17, 2006

Trip continues..... few more hiccups.....

So we plunge thru the day.....snow melting more and more the further we drove.
Grass was beginning to appear green and you could see buds on all the trees etc.
Stopped at a few places to get gas and to grab a bite to eat.

Still feeling queezy and knowing that LOST is on that night....I started pushing for another early night. Less grumbling coming from this time cause I made sure to keep mentioning LOST was on.
Made it all the way to Indiana that night and stopped at another Econo Lodge.
Eric surprised me by getting a room with a hot tub! OH YEAH!!!!!
It felt so good to fill that sucker up with bubbles and just soak.
Course that was after we sprayed the room with water as not quite all the jets were under water when we turned them on the first time!

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