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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Campers!

The girls got to use Eric and my sleeping bags so that left Tara and I having to use just the bedding from my bed upstairs. I should have placed more blankets on the air mattress cause it was like sleeping on a giant ice cube! LOL

The adults were going to be watching a movie so we let the gals go to sleep in grams bed first then woke them up to go out to the tent. We made sure to pee first and have all our pillows and toys.

It was sprinkling when we opened the door but out we went. No flashlights cause I can not stand JUNE BUGS and would have flipped out if one had flown up towards the light. Not a scene my nieces need to see! LOL

We all snuggle down in our beds and sorta chat for about 10 minutes. The girls are just so excited to be out in the tent! I loved it! We could hear the"peepers" out in the ditch and they were really loud. There is a lake a bit behind the woods and we could hear the cry of a loon coming off the water. A few times I think we heard the hoot of an owl too but the rain had started to pick up and we aren't sure.

The rains became heavy but they all fell asleep quickly. Sarah was the first out and what a cute little snore she has. Hannah was next with my sister just SO NOT LIKING TENTING! ROFL

She lasted a few hours and then woke me up to tell me that she was going inside to sleep! The kids never woke up and she popped into the house. The winds had picked up but the kids stayed asleep until 6am or so. Hannah was the first to wake up cause it was so bright in the tent. I told her we had to stay outside until at least 7am. She fell back alseep for about 20 minutes.

They were both up then and we talked about the night. They had a blast and already can't wait to come back and sleep in the tent again during the summer. Eric and I have bought them their own sleeping bags for next time!(Its an early Christmas present)

Wonder if my sister will make it thru the whole night next time? heehee

Love ya SIS!


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