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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It can become a Legacy!

One of the main reasons I want to pick back up the habit of handwriting letters was something that my oldest niece said to me.
She asked me how to spell something and so I picked up a pen and wrote it out for her to look at while she copied it onto her own paper.
She looked at it and said.... "I like the way you write Auntie T, its so pretty. I haven't seen it before."

I couldn't believe it!
Besides the address on a birthday card or at Christmas time, my nieces had never seen my handwriting. I send notes and emails to them but it wasn't MY WRITING that they were seeing and getting to remember.

I thought about how I used to be able to see an envelope and just from the handwriting alone...could tell who the note was going to be from.
My cousin Jenn and how she used to dot her "i" with a small heart.
My Gram cause she used to always use a blue pen.
My Aunt Pam who's handwriting is so UNIQUE and slanted that we used to tease her and tell her to PRINT our next letter please!

I thought about how the few letters I have that we written by my great grandparents are such family heirooms and so treasured. I wanted to pass that joy down to my nieces.
I wanted them to have a box of letters written by me that they maybe saved in a box and brought out to read again once I was gone.

"A letter is more then just a means of communication: it is a gift - and sometimes a legacy!"
Diane Maurer- Mathison


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