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Monday, October 16, 2006

Has anyone seen my "dawg"??????

Eric and I seem to have lost our "dawg"!!!! LOL

Our friend Calvin, who I lovingly refer to as Dawg..... has made the big step and gone out west to BC for a while. He left earlier this month and we miss him already so much. Eric called him tonight and it was so great to hear his voice.
He is staying with our other great friends, Grant and Carole. They are all having such a fantastic time that after talking to both Calvin and Carole tonight...I felt myself experince a twinge of jealousy! I was a bit shocked by it! LOL

I have been following their adventures by reading their blogs. I think its such a wonderful way to stay in touch besides just emails and phone calls. We can catch glimpses of each others lives thru reading the words we chose to write.

I think a trip to BC is going to be in Eric and my future before too long. I look forward to relaxing with all our friends in their livingroom....glasses of wine cooking on the BarBq and laughter escaping from our lips.

I miss you guys!

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steph said...

Come on out to BC, but make sure you come 2 mile south of the border to see me in WA state! Would love to have y'all over for dinner!