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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Hunt for Bobbins turns BAD

So I was all set to start my quest of beehive bobbins. Was given a name on EBAY to find some. Was told this was "the place" to get them. I saw they were a "power seller" and had a high feedback. I very foolishly NEVER looked further into their feedback.

I found the auctions and contacted them about a shipping quote to Canada. Was sent back an email that stated that I'd have to be a winner of one of their auctions to get a price quote for shipping. WHAT?????? How am I supposed to know if the shipping is going to kill me???? UGH

So even though every fibre of my being was sceaming NOOOOOO....... I placed my bid and I won myself 6 beehive bobbins. (Feb19)The actual bid wasn't bad. Had a bit of a bidding war going on with a few ladies. I swooped in with only seconds to spare and WON! The price was fair in comparison to others that I had seen be won.

It was late and I went to bed all smiling cause I had won some of the bobbins.

My smile was GONE the next morning when I got the statement that above what I had bid for the bobbins....I had now been charged $21US for shipping!!!! HOLY NOODLES! That is crazy for shipping. This is NOT the first thing that was being sent to me from the USA and that shipping quote knocked me flat.

I really wanted these dang bobbins though so I got up off the floor and dusted myself off...splashed cold water on my face and paid right then with PayPal.





I was really starting to get worried now.
Nothing was arriving in the mail.
I had heard not a single thing from this person about my parcel.

I sent an email to the seller (Mar3) asking what the situation was on my 6 beehive bobbins.
An email was sent back that stated they had been shipped to me on March 1.

I have been waiting ALL this time and they had only JUST been sent out the day before????
The auction clearly states that they ship on Tuesdays thru friday.
I won on a Monday...... in your world isn't the next day a TUESDAY????

I was beyond livid! I had heard nothing about a delay in shipping.
I had already paid $21US and been waiting...... for what???????

I left my feedback right then!

My bobbins arrived on March 13.

Now I will say this....... the bobbins I won....... outstanding! I am LOVING them! I think they are going to be amazing to create with. Have already sketched out a design for something.


The seller is someone I will NEVER deal with again.
I do NOT think I was treated fair at all in this situation.

A quote could have been given to me.
He mails this type of object all the time! He knows what they weigh!
If he was NOT going to ship right away....I should have been contacted.

MWIRE is the Ebay seller I dealt with.
Their product is AMAZING! I have not one bad word to say about their product.
If you are in the market for beeehive bobbins and opt to go thru them to get so with your eyes wide open.



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