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Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Break

It was March Break here in Nova Scotia last week and my two nieces spent most of it here at their grandparents house. It was the first time that they had stayed here without their parents.

We had sooooo much fun!

I have never played so many games of Crazy8's or GoFish in my life heehee

They taught me how to play a card game called 7Up as well that we all had fun with.

I took them to the library for an afternoon and got some books out.

But the highlight of the vacation was when we all went bowling!!!

We did this the day before their parents went back home. There is a local bowling alley in Digby that we went to for the afternoon. My father used to bowl all the time and was so excited. My sister and I hadn't bowled in many many moons!

Here are some pictures of the afternoon of fun!

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