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Saturday, May 26, 2007

High School Memories

Now granted its been awhile since I was in High School but its never too far from my mind. Well not the school but the friends I had back then LOL
A few months ago I had a friend send me an email. She wanted me to join this website called FACEBOOK. It was where folks could get in touch with each and see whats been going on in their lives.

So it took me awhile to decide to join. I had other things happening in my life and I thought I'm already in touch with her...she sent me the email! LOL Well my goodness.....what changes have happened since I joined.

So many old friends from highschool were already on Facebook. Once I joined and a few folks found was like an avalanche! I have been able to reconnect and share laughter again at the stuff we used to do. Looking at the pictures from back then....oh you have to love the 80's!

I am so happy that I joined! I love being in touch with old friends!

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