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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cinnamon! Nutmeg! Cloves! Mmmmmmm

No I'm not baking anything with all that! LOL I have been making dolls so had to bring out all the good spices to mix with my primitive stain recipe. I love using this mixture because it always makes my dolls end up smelling soooooo good! Everyone makes comments.

Sure makes my room smell good too! LOL
I dream of cookies!

~My Witches Brew~That is what my family likes to call the stuff I use to stain dolls.I used to create it using tea. I made it with coffee one afternoon and have been hooked on the effect ever since.The kitchen sink or my big pot is what I make this all in.I boil a good couple of kettles of hot water.Take a 1/4 cup coffee and dump it into the boiled water.Take a long handled wooden spoon and stir carefully. Don't splash and burn yourself.I take a cheese cloth baggie and add the following...... cinnamon sticks that I have broken smaller; whole cloves; whole nutmeg that I have grated on the side of; anise star.This baggie steeps in the coffee mixture and adds a spicy scent to the coffee.I also add about 1/4 vanilla to the mixture.
I sometimes add ground cinnamon as well. This creates a "sludge" that you can paint onto your creations and when it drys....oh so very prim!

Prim Blessings!

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