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Friday, June 01, 2007

Computer Hassles!

Oh why does being online have to cause you to want to SCREAM somedays?!
The last few days have been crazy!!!!
Some of you already know this but for those that don't....... I am on dial up!
For the most part....I actually don't mind that. So it takes a bit longer for a picture to appear or for a long email to come thru. Gives me a bit of time to sit back and relax in my chair! LOL
Well for the last 3 days......our phone lines have been a mess! The static that you would hear when you went to us our phone was so bad. So of course that makes going online near impossible! The air a few times in my room was BLUE from the swearing I was doing!
(I know it wasn't really helping anything but it was making me feel better at the time!LOL)
I was right in the midst of a new website and I couldn't do what needed to be done.
We called the phone company and they said they'd be out "later" to take a look.
I called Eric and told him that he needed to pick me and my computer up so I could go back to his place to finish my work.
He laughed and came and got me. I fed him supper so it all worked out fair! LOL
But he really does want me to start looking for a LAPTOP and soon!

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