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Friday, June 29, 2007

Creative Dept. Assistant on Primmart

YUP! WooooHoooooo

Primmart continues to create an amazing place in the world of Primitives and I now have become part of the staff! heehee I was sooooo excited!

" Creative Dept. Assistant: Cedera (Tracy) Dunn"
Tracy(Cedara)Dunn stumbled across the world of Primitives about 5 years ago now; wrapped herself in homespun; and has never looked back. Primmart rapidly became a second home to her and she couldn't be more blessed. She was asked to be a writer for Beneath the Willow Tree and that experience has been astounding.On her website, Tracy(Cedara) creates for you a collection of OOAK Primitive raggedy dolls and critters in grubby homespuns as well as vintage fabrics! Stained for a perfect prim look and feel! She also writes a primitive blog that has quickly gathered quite the following.She looks forward to her next adventure....... in making Primmart's Learning Center.... the ultimate place to discover Primitives; how to create them.....and so much more!"

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