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Friday, June 29, 2007

Leo! and his music

Ok so if you've been reading my blog then you know that I'm back in touch with some old friends that I knew when I lived in Bucharest Romania. The emails have been flowing back and forth between us all. These guys have had me laughing so much. The things that they can remember from back then ... its just wild! LOL

We have also been doing alot of catching up on what each of us has been doing since we saw each other last. One of the guys that I'm in touch with again is my friend Leo.
My memories of him are fully connected to dancing and music.
Leo mentioned he was "still into some music" and sort of left things at that. Well come all know me better then that...... I went searching for more info! LOL

Well knock me over......... my boy has got some talent! LOL

He is part of "Afro Connexion" and you can find more out at the following link:

My friend Leo goes by the name " LB4Life". He's the hottie on the left! LOL
(The website is in French but there are lots of pics to see if you can't read french)

They recorded an album and went on to win "Best New Group" at the French Junos in Canada.
The group toured all over Ontario.
Then one of the members started solo and he goes by ZPN.

ZPN has released 2 albums with the band touring with him.
New album is being recorded now for Afro Connexion and Leo is also working on his own solo album. Its been awesome to see that he has really been doing great. I'm enjoying the music that I've been able to hear already. Leo is sending me their cds soon...... he's made me some promises so we'll have to see if he can keep them! LOL

There is much more but this is the condensed version. I write a blog not books! LOL
I'm going to showcase 2 videos next. Even if you can't understand the still talks to your soul. . You are going to find yourself singing outloud to the words you do catch and remember!

I look forward to hearing much more from Leo and his friends.

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