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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lost Art of a Hand Written Note

There is something almost "magical" about opening your mailbox and finding a note inside that has been written by hand. In this day and age of emails and contact by computers, I believe too many folks are missing something.

The creativity that can explode onto a blank piece of paper. Colored inks. Different pens. Ink drawings and sketches thru a note. Little pieces of yourself that you are sharing with someone important enough in your life that you sat down and picked up a pen.

I've always loved to write to my friends. Sure sending off a quick email is fine for the most part. But I like to sit down with my array of different papers. All colors and textures. A rainbow of pens and different inks. I even have a wax melter to seal the envelope.....just because I loved the look of it!

Who have you written to in the last while? Who did you make smile when they opened their mailbox and found your special envelope inside? If you can't think of anyone..... then don't you think it might be about time that you sat down at your desk and sent one to someone special?

Prim Blessings!

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of

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