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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paperclay Doll by Primkinfokes

WOW! My friend Sheila created this doll and when she showed me this picture......I was blown away! The face is hand sculpted using paperclay on muslin.
I have a package of Paperclay and still haven't been able to bring myself to open it and try this. I have taken sculpting classes but it still makes me nervous.
I'm going to have to swallow my fear and break open that package.
To take a closer look at this FANTASTIC doll by Sheila.....please go check her out on Ebay! She is going to be a wonderful addition to someones collection!

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~Tonya said...

You sound like me. I love all of the new dollies with paperclay used on them.

I have not taken a class...but trial and error is good for me. I have yet to break the packages and tools open. I have become a "Collector" of things for paperclay. LOL

I will some day. I think I got the nervous thing going on too.