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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stunned Silence and Sheer Sadness

I am still not quite grasping the whole situation and how it has really effected me. A wonderful young lady passed away. I have never met her. I have never met her family. Yet they all have so touched my heart and made my soul cry.
I faintly "knew" her mother as she is a fellow primitive artist and in this world, you sort of bump into each other the longer you are here. Her daughter became ill and she started writing a blog to let all know the progress. Another brought the story to my attention and I started reading and wanting to know all that I could about this wonderful young woman.
A few different times I posted on Primmart and other forums asking for strength and prayers for this amazing family during their struggle.

Please...... go and read her blog.
Let this amazing family touch your soul.
Let Brianna's Spirit lift you.

There are going to be some INCREDIBLE auctions created very soon in memory of this amazing young lady who was taken so early. Please make sure to go and bid on an angel!

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Two Dancing Crows said...


I've followed Brianna's story and I just sobbed when I read she was gone. The Lord now has a wonderful and beautiful young lady with him in heaven. She is not lost to anyone here, because we know where she is...she's with God and her family and loved ones will see her again.

My heart aches for her family as I can only imagine the pain they feel not having her with them. But it's only for a little while.