Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, July 19, 2007


We have 8 hummers at our place this year! You can see them thru the large picture window out back.....zipping back and forth. At least 2 of them are this years babies as they are MUCH smaller then the others. Poor Buttons Kitty is near insane from talking to them and watching them dart around the feeder! LOL

They have inspired me to do some sketches.....I haven't done anything like this in ages. Might have to make some tags for a doll to hold! LOL

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Cara said...

Those are great! Surely you can do something prim with your sketches besides make hang tags!

I mean, if you do it on parchmenty paper, or muslin over paper, couldn't they decorate something like a lamp shade or night light shade?

I have lots of hummingbirds here, they live in my magnolia tree. They divebomb the cats if they escape,and terrorize the larger birds AND the tree squirrels. It's kind of like Avian Napoleon Complex.

How do they survive Nova Scotia winters? I can't see how even people survive!