Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Prim Auctions

Primmart has launched a wonderful new website and I could not be more excited to tell as many of you as possible all about it.
You know how sometimes you go to Ebay and are looking for something but have to wade thru a bunch of other things before you can even start looking.
Prim Auctions showcases an array of primitive auctions!!!!
You can use this new website in so many different ways depending on how you wish to shop.
The main page showcases a vast number of auctions that are happening right then.
You can even shop using different areas.....such as certian sellers as well as different Ebay groups.
Sections have also been set up to take you to auctions that are geared towards....... Ending Now or even just EPatterns. There is a section for you!
I am going to be using this website so much and think its going to really make me want to start listing more auctions on Ebay!
Go check it out and SIGN UP!
What a great way to gain more exposure for your Ebay group; your Ebay store or even just as a Seller! INCREDIBLE!