Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the skies opened upon us......

We had been needing the rain and well got some! The skies darkened quickly. You could smell the rain in the air before a single drop even began to fall from the skies. I have to admit that I love that little window of time just before a storm strikes. The energy in the air.
The drops started falling and continued to fall for almost 24 hours straight! The gardens around the house greedily drank it all up.
We had some wicked snaps of thunder that literally shook the windows of the house. Buttons Kitty was NOT near as impressed with the storm as I was. She'd have hid under bed if I had space there! LOL
Even managed to lose power for a few hours.
Somehow the storm brought about a calm to me that I didn't even know I had been needing.
Blessings to Mother Nature for stepping in when needed most!

1 comment: said...

MMMmmmm I LOVE the rain! I miss the Oregon rain! soooo much!
What a BEAUTIFUL picture Trac!!!!
LOVE YOU!!! glad to see you are updating!