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Monday, July 14, 2008

I've named it..... SID

At the Theme Park on our list of rules/instructions to follow for the Artisan's says... "Watch out for the Chipmunks"
The squirrels and chipmunks have become so used to people giving them little samples of whatever they might be snacking on in the park. We have benches in the back area of the house for folks to sit and rest awhile.
You will be inside sitting behind the counter and "hear" something in the hallway......yup...... its come inside to see if someone will feed it! It knows it really shouldn't be there as it sort of strains its little neck out to peek at you from the door frame. Ypou stomp your feet and he scurries back outside to the garden. Only to return again within the hour to peek at you and try again for a little morsal of whatever you are willing to share.
The other morning I arrived to the Artisans House for my shift. I unlock the doors and take my bags inside our little kitchen area. I then hang the signs out and write on the chalkboard todays message. I go back inside and am reading the messages from the days since I'd been in last.
FROM BEHIND ME.......I hear little feet scampering across the wood floor!!!
Sure enough.....a chipmunk has been inside the house all night long! The broom is in the room with him so I can't get him out that way. He is nervous to be inside that far! He is all over the place and I am trying my best not to scream or swear! LOL
I finally shake some papers at him and he races by me into the hallway. He notices the door is now open and scoots right into the awaiting gardens. I can then hear all sorts of chitter..... his family has been wondering where he spent the night! LOL

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